What Does “User Busy” On An iPhone Mean? | Elaborated

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What Does “User Busy” On An iPhone Mean? | Elaborated

User Busy On An iPhone while the user is not on another call when someone calls may be due to: The flight mode, call blocking, call forwarding, or auto-rejecting calls are the most frequent causes.

If you contact someone on your iPhone and get the “User Busy” notification, it signifies that person is on another call at the moment. You should wait; it’s the best course of action.

I couldn’t keep track of how many times that had happened, therefore I was curious as to what “User Busy” actually meant and whether the line was actually busy when I received the notice.

I visited user forums and the support sections of Apple to learn more about this.

Thanks to my diligent study, this guide should help you understand what “User Busy” on your iPhone implies.

Most Commonly Asked Questions


If someone is using an iPhone, how can you know if they are busy?

If you want to know if the other person is on the phone, you can either use the Truecaller app on your phone.

When you call a phone, some models can indicate that it is on a call.

If someone has blocked you on an iPhone, how do you know?

If the messages you sent them through iMessage are delivered or not, that will tell you if you are truly blocked on iPhone.

The likelihood that you have been blocked increases if you send a message but the app reports that it was not sent despite a strong mobile signal.

There are alternative ways to let someone know, such as by sending a kind text message.

How Should I Interpret the “User Busy” Message?

When you call someone and during the call you see “User Busy” on the screen, it implies that the person you are trying to reach is now on the phone with someone else and not available to take your call.

Getting several persons on the same call is only feasible if someone calls you because of the way phones operate.

The current call is given priority, and after it is finished, the lines will be open to take new calls.

Why does my iPhone keep displaying “User Busy”?

Due to the person on the other line being on another call, you might be receiving the message on your phone.

Due to a network problem, you may occasionally encounter a “User Busy” warning, however this seldom occurs.

It may happen if the caller has their alert slider set to quiet on a phone with an alert slider, such as an iPhone or OnePlus phone.

However, the individual would typically be on another call if you received a busy message nine out of ten times.

How to fix User Busy On An iPhone

Select Settings > Aircraft Mode, wait five seconds, and then deactivate airplane mode. Ensure that Do Not Disturb is turned on. Do not disturb is under Settings. Ensure that no phone numbers are blacklisted.

Create a “User Busy” message for you.

When someone calls you and you feel the need to display the “User Busy” message, it is simple to do so.

Use your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature to accomplish this.

iOS versions 14 and earlier:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Do Not Disturb.
  • DND should be activated or scheduled to activate at certain times.

Selecting the crescent moon icon in the panel from the Control Center will also let you do this.

On iOS 15, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Settings application.
  • Opt for Focus.
  • Toggle Do Not Disturb.
  • Specify the preferences for how you wish to receive notifications.
  • If you open the Control Center and select Focus, you may also activate it from there.

The Do Not Disturb feature can then be activated.

Check to Make Sure the Recipient Is Actually Busy

Checking to see whether the call recipient is genuinely on another call may be worth attempting before you give up trying to get through.

Try sending them a text and checking back later to see if they’ve received it.

In the event that they respond, you will know for sure that they weren’t on a call and can try to contact them again.

If you do manage to get their attention via text, you can also request that they call you back with a text message.

Making a Call After Certain Time Has Passed

The best course of action if you were able to determine that the person on the other end is on a call is to wait.

Wait a short while before attempting again after receiving a “User Busy” warning during a previous attempt.

Once you go through and connect, continue this pattern of waiting and attempting again and again.

You might also simply contact them to let them know you’ve been trying to reach them for a long.

Concluding Remarks on user busy iPhone

You can still leave a voicemail even if you didn’t call the individual if phoning or texting didn’t get you through and you are desperate to get through.

If you and the person you are trying to reach both have cellular service through the same provider, you should test out those features and allowances. Some cellular operators allow you to send messages without dialing.

You can set up Spectrum’s Call Guard service if you have a Spectrum Landline subscription and wish to block calls or give the impression that you are busy, as you did with your iPhone.

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