New Apple TV: With 5 Best Features Reviewed

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New Apple TV: With 5 Best Features Reviewed

New Apple TV features include New versions of operating systems and apps almost always give developers the option to add new capabilities.

The same can be said for Apple’s New tvOS, which has become even more useful as a result of recent updates.

We’ve seen a lot of Apple TV apps in the last several years since they became popular with iOS 9. However, it appears that tvOS still has a lot of new ideas on its sleeve.

This latest version of the SDK includes a slew of exciting new features, most of which are unlikely to be found on other platforms. Here are our favorite new Apple TV features.

Screen Mirroring with the New Apple TV Remote

The built-in functionality for screen mirroring is a fantastic new feature of the Apple TV 4K. This allows you to stream content to your Apple TV from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This was previously a developer-only feature, but it is now available on any device running iOS 10 or later.

This enables you to do things like stream your presentation on a huge screen (using the built-in app on your phone), display a slideshow while giving a talk, or watch Netflix on your home TV while doing something else on your laptop.

You may even combine this function with Siri to create your own “picture-in-picture” effect.
You can, for example, ask Siri to start playing a movie on your TV, then go to your Mac, start a screencast, and ask your Mac to broadcast it to your TV as well.

Siri Voice Command

New Apple TV: With 5 Best Features Reviewed

Those of us who have owned an Apple TV since the initial generation know that its built-in Siri Remote is one of its most significant benefits over rival set-top boxes.

While competitors such as Roku and Fire TV may have more apps and games, Apple’s platform’s relative simplicity has made it a popular choice for families and children. That is even more true now.

The latest tvOS includes “Hey Siri” capability, allowing you to utilize this remote without even touching it. You can make your request by pressing the button, saying “Hey Siri,” and pressing the button again. This has several significant advantages.

For starters, it eliminates the possibility of accidentally activating your remote and sending your youngster to the wrong station. You can use “Hey Siri” to adjust the volume, change the channel, or begin playing a certain show without ever touching the remote.

A family activity center with Apple TV

Family-friendly technology has long included the Apple TV. Kids can access their accounts, the remote is easy to use, and it’s simple to create “profiles” for each individual so you may open a different Netflix account for each of them. A few additional features in the new tvOS, however, increase its usefulness in this capacity. T

The first is increased profile support. Now that you can add a third “sub-account” for each person, you can only provide them with the games and apps that are age-appropriate.

You may now establish a “Family” account on your Apple TV that can contain up to six individuals thanks to the Family Sharing feature.

Since you don’t have to enter multiple payment methods for each user, it is simpler to purchase apps and shows.

Having access to material from other devices on your network is made possible by the new Home Sharing feature, which is yet another fantastic feature. For instance, you can play content from your PC or NAS on your TV thanks to this.

Organization for the Zero-Touch Home Screen

For many people, particularly those who enjoy organizing things, the organization is a constant effort. Organizing your home screen is now even simpler thanks to some lovely new capabilities in the new Apple TV. The new system is far more versatile, so that’s a good thing. Apps can now be manually added to your home screen and arranged in any order you choose.

The previous arrangement, where all apps were displayed on a semi-random “carousel,” is a vast improvement. This can save a ton of time if you have a large number of apps. You may just drag and drop your apps onto your home screen rather than pressing the appropriate button and scrolling through them all. If you have a lot of installed programs, this is extremely helpful (since the home screen can only hold a certain number).

Apple TV Video Streaming, Games, and Apps

Making the Apple TV into a kind of gaming console was one of Apple’s original tvOS design objectives. So far, that hasn’t been the case; while there are lots of games, they aren’t necessarily any more popular than on other platforms. However, the updated remote and the inclusion of the “App” button have made playing these games much simpler.

The right side of the remote now contains a little joystick. Instead of using the Siri Remote’s d-pad, which might be awkward if you’re playing one-handed, you can utilize this to move around and play games.

The home screen now has a separate area just for apps. This greatly simplifies their accessibility, which is quite beneficial for the casual user. You can see the most recent games that have been added to the system, which makes it simple to find new games to play.

In conclusion

Even though the Apple TV is a fantastic device, competing set-top boxes like Roku or Fire TV are frequently preferred over it. With additional features for families, an improved remote, and an easier-to-use interface, the new tvOS promises to change that.

Because of this, it ought to be a fantastic tool for both families and individuals. We believe that anyone looking to improve their entertainment system should consider the latest Apple TV.

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