Xfinity Stream Not Working On Roku: How To Easily Fix

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Use an HDMI cable and check the Roku remote batteries if the Xfinity stream on Roku isn’t working. Restarting Roku is another option. Speak with customer service if nothing works.

Setting up a combination of Xfinity Stream and Roku TV makes sense because they are two of the biggest entertainment service providers in the nation and give you with an ongoing, uninterrupted stream of entertainment.

To help you out in case you run into the same problem, I’ve compiled all the many approaches I’ve learned to use in one article.

How To Fix Xfinity Stream Not Working On Roku

How To Fix Xfinity Stream isn't Working On Roku: Xfinity Stream on Roku
Xfinity Stream on Roku

Apply the listed strategies beneath.

Restart Roku once more

You may make sure you’ve ruled out the chance of a temporary power-related problem with your Roku by completely resetting it.

To properly perform a power-cycling procedure on the device, adhere to these steps:

  • To turn off the Roku device, use the remote.
  • The power cable should be unplugged from the outlet.
  • 4 to 5 minutes, please.
  • Reconnect the power cable at this point to complete the reboot.

Without a remote, you can also reset your Roku. Sometimes, this causes problems, and Roku keeps restarting.

Check to see if your Roku remote is functioning properly.

If Roku isn’t streaming, it’s possible that the Roku Remote isn’t functioning properly.

Try using fresh batteries in place of the old ones.

Additionally, make sure that nothing could be in the way of the signal between the TV’s set-top box and the remote control.

Verify the Internet connection.

You must make sure that your network connection is reliable and responsive when streaming media.

If the Xfinity Stream channels aren’t functioning properly, there may be a slow or unstable internet connection to blame.

Verify All Connections and Cables

Since they provide far more constant visual quality and a seamless connection than standard connections, you strongly advise against using anything other than HDMI cables to connect Xfinity with Roku.

Additionally, confirm that these cables are properly connected and have no loose connections.

Additionally, confirm that you are viewing the HDMI input screen on the TV correctly.

Change the Location of the Router

Relocating your router closer to the receiving device is the best strategy to attempt and resolve a temporary network problem.

The network connection will be speedier and more reliable the closer two points are to one another.

It is advised that there be no obstructions in the path of sight between the router and the Roku device, which should be at least in the same room.

Switch Off Your Router

You might wish to try resetting your modem or router in the event that some temporary network issues continue.

It only requires that you turn off the router, unhook the cable, wait a few minutes, and then replug it.

This procedure should be carried out periodically to avoid poor connectivity and high latency.

Try connecting using an Ethernet cable.

By creating a more reliable network connection, connecting your router and the device with an ethernet cable might help address the issue.

Without a doubt, an ethernet connection gives a substantially quicker internet speed than a WiFi connection, which results in a better streaming experience.

Log out of the Xfinity App and then back in again

By refreshing the streamflow, logging out and back into the Xfinity app should resolve any timing difficulties on the Roku TV.

This will also address any broader account-related difficulties.

To complete this process securely, follow these steps:

  • On the Roku TV, launch the Xfinity app.
  • Access Settings
  • Find the Account Tab and select the Sign Out link.
  • Wait a short while, then select Sign In.
  • Give your log-in information and log back in.

The Xfinity Stream App should be deleted and installed again.

You should try deleting the Xfinity Stream app from Roku if checking out and back into the Xfinity app doesn’t seem to resolve the problem for you.

Any bugs in the application will be eliminated by removing it.

You will not only have the most recent updates for the program pre-downloaded when you reinstall it on your Roku device, but you could also be able to resolve the media streaming problem.

You can even try watching it on Chrome, though Xfinity Stream occasionally has issues with Chrome as well.

Perform Roku UpdateĀ 

On your Roku device, it is completely conceivable that you may be running an out-of-date software version, which may be keeping the stream from functioning properly.

On your Roku, browse to Software Update under the Settings page to confirm this.

If there is a newer version of firmware available, click Check for Updates to see if there is and install it straight away.

Reach out to Roku Support.

If you’ve tried all of the aforementioned solutions and the stream still won’t appear, you should probably get in touch with Xfinity Support and Roku Support.

To save them time from reusing the same approaches, I advise outlining to them all the many things you’ve already attempted to do to fix the issue.

Xfinity Stream not working on Roku: Final Thoughts

Remember that you might be using an earlier model of the Roku player, which by default does not support Xfinity Stream and necessitates the purchase of a new model.

The problem can possibly not be in your control and instead be the result of a mistake made by the business.

If that’s the case, your only option is to wait until they address the issue.

Additionally, it’s possible that neither the gadgets nor your internet connection are the issue.

Contact your Internet service provider in that situation.

You might want to look into the finest TVs compatible with Xfinity if you don’t really want to deal with this kind of thing.

Repeatedly Questions

How do I get Xfinity to operate with my Roku?

Open the Xfinity Stream app on Roku and select Sign In to start using it. On the screen, there ought to be an activation code. Use a different device to access the Authorization Page and enter this code into the browser.

Next, sign in to Roku using your Xfinity credentials. A triumph! Your Roku screen should update and a message should appear.

Why won’t my xFi app work?

Your xFi app might not be functioning due to a downed server, a bad internet connection, or a backlog caused by too many users trying to use the app at once.

The Xfinity Stream app costs how much?

The cost of Xfinity TV plans ranges from $49.99 to $89,49 per month, however prices (and, in some cases, the channel selection) differ between the three regions that make up Xfinity’s service area.

All Xfinity TV subscribers have free access to Xfinity Stream.

Which Xfinity apps are offered?

A variety of entertainment apps are available with Xfinity Stream, including Disney+, ESPN, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. These and other premium channel apps include AMC+, HBO Max, and Cinemax.

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