Pokemon Uranium – Download ROM

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Pokemon Uranium – Download ROM
pokemon uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game developed in 2016. This game was made using RPG Maker XP. After receiving Nintendo's DMCA notice, the team removed the game from their servers and closed the project. Because this game is made using existing Pokémon resources. Several developers are still supporting the game with patches and bug fixes.

pokemon uranium download

  • document: Pokemon Uranium
  • platform: windows
  • release Year: 2016
  • production: RPG Maker XP

The latest version of the Pokemon Uranium game is 1.2.4. You can download the following.

ROM download
Pokemon Uranium ROM Download download

pokemon uranium

Pokemon Uranium is an unofficial fan-made Pokemon game developed by a small group of developers. It features new Pokemon, new areas to explore, and a new story. Released in 2016 after nine years of development, the game has received a lot of attention from the gaming community. However, due to Nintendo's copyright issues, the game was later removed by the developer. While the game is no longer available for download, some fans still play and enjoy it through unofficial means.


The story of Pokémon Uranium takes place in the Tando region, where the player character embarks on a journey to become a Pokémon trainer. However, the story takes a dark turn when players discover that a group of scientists have created dangerous nuclear Pokémon. Known as the Karyotype, this Pokémon has the power to wreak havoc on the region if left unchecked.

Players are tasked with defeating the region's eight gym leaders, collecting badges, and eventually facing off against the Tando League's elite four and champions. Along the way, they encounter the villainous Uranium team, who seek to harness the nuke's powers for their own gain.

The story also involves a mysterious character known as the Professor who guides the player throughout the journey. As the story progresses, players learn more about who the professors really are and their role in creating the karyotype.

Overall, Pokémon Uranium's stories explore themes such as science and its impact on society, the dangers of unchecked ambition, and the responsibility of power.


Gameplay in Pokemon Uranium is similar to other mainline Pokemon games. Players explore the world from a top-down perspective, encounter wild Pokémon and other trainers, and explore various towns and cities throughout the Tandor region.

As a Pokemon trainer, players can capture and train various Pokemon, fighting other trainers and gym leaders to advance the game's story. The game features over 200 new Pokémon, many of which are exclusive to the Tandor region, and come with different types and abilities.

A major feature of Pokémon Uranium is the introduction of nuclear-type Pokemon. These Pokémon have unique abilities, being immune to certain types of moves, but also weak to others. Additionally, there are several new types of Poké Balls that can be used to catch Nuclear Pokémon.

The game also features various side quests and activities, such as the ability to create and customize Pokémon Balls, participate in the Pokémon breeding system, and even engage in online battles with other players.

Overall, Pokemon Uranium offers a traditional Pokemon gaming experience with some unique features and twists that make it a memorable and engaging game.


Some of the features of Pokemon Uranium include:

  • New Pokemon: The game introduces over 200 new Pokémon, many of which are exclusive to the Tandor region and come with different types and abilities.
  • Nuclear Pokémon: The game introduces a new type of Pokémon called Karyotype. These Pokémon have unique abilities, being immune to certain types of moves, but also weak to others.
  • explore new areas: Players can explore new areas of the Tandor region, including nuclear power plants, snow-capped mountains, and tropical islands.
  • Gym Leaders and Final Four: There are eight gym leaders and a challenging elite quad and champion to fight in the game.
  • Side Quests and Events: Players can participate in various side missions and activities, such as creating and customizing Pokémon Balls, participating in the Pokémon breeding system, and even engaging in online battles with other players.
  • Updated graphics: Compared to older Pokemon games, the game features updated graphics, as well as new battle animations and sprite designs.
  • Storyline and Characters: The game features new storylines and characters, including the mysterious Professor and the villainous Uranium team.
  • Soundtrack: The game features an original soundtrack that adds to the immersive experience of the game.

Pokemon Uranium Starter

The starters for Pokemon Uranium are:

  • birds of prey: A Fire/Ground-type Pokémon resembling a small bipedal dinosaur with a flaming tail. At level 16 it evolves into Achilles, at level 36 it evolves into a flamingo.
  • Orchids: A Grass/Steel-type Pokémon that resembles a small bipedal cat with metal claws. It evolves into Metalynx at level 16 and then into Grandferno at level 36.
  • Eletus: An Electric/Water-type Pokémon that resembles a small bipedal otter with an electric eel tail. It evolves into Electruxo at level 16 and Electruxton at level 36.

Players can choose one of these three starters at the beginning of the game and use it to battle other trainers and capture other Pokémon. Each starter has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to customize their playstyle and strategy.

Pokemon Uranium Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Departure

  • Players receive their first Pokémon from Professor Bamboo and begin their journey.
  • They must defeat the first gym master, Theo, and his raptors to earn their first badge.

Chapter 2: Heading to Kefla Town

  • The player travels to the town of Kefla and meets Gym Master Maria.
  • They have to defeat Maria and her Steel-type Pokémon to earn the second badge.

Chapter 3: Exploring the Route 02

  • Players travel across Route 02, battling other trainers and catching new Pokémon.
  • They encounter a nuclear explosion at the power plant, and Theo joins the player on their journey.

Chapter 4: The First Fossil

  • The player arrives in Bill Beach and meets Gym Master Corey.
  • They have to defeat Corey and his team of Fossil Pokemon to earn the third badge.

Chapter 5: Into the Underground

  • Players explore an underground rail network and battle members of Team Uranium and their nuclear Pokémon.
  • They track down a mysterious man who warns them of the dangers of nuclear power.

Chapter 6: The Second Fossil

  • The player arrives at the second fossil dig site and fights Gym Master Kiki.
  • They must defeat Kiki and her team of Poison-type Pokémon to earn the fourth badge.

Chapter 7: Nuclear Power Plants

  • Players arrive at the Nuclear Power Plant and discover the true nature of Nuclear Pokémon.
  • They must fight corrupt officials and stop them from exploiting nuclear Pokémon for their own gain.

Chapter 8: The Third Fossil

  • The player travels to the town of Arma Tree and meets the Gym Master Samson.
  • They have to defeat Samson and his team of Fossil Pokémon to earn the fifth badge.

Chapter 9: The Nuclear Forest

  • Players enter the Nuclear Forest, a dangerous area where Nuclear Pokémon roam.
  • They must make their way through the forest and defeat the Gym Leader Char to earn the sixth badge.

Chapter 10 The Battle of Vinesi

  • The player arrives in the city of Venice and discovers that Team Uranium is planning to launch a nuclear attack on the Tando area.
  • They must fight Curie, the leader of Team Uranium, and stop her plans to save the region.

Chapter 11: The Final Showdown

  • Players enter the Tandor Tournament, competing against the Elite Four and Champions for the Tandor Championship.
  • They must defeat the Final Boss, a powerful Nuclear Pokémon known as the “Final Boss”.

Pokémon Uranium Illustrated Book

Pokédex No. pokemon name type describe
#001 Orchids grass/steel A grass cat with a metal exoskeleton.
#002 Nichimaru grass/steel A bipedal cat with two swords in its arms.
#003 nuclear nuclear A radioactive creature with incredible strength.
#004 birds of prey Fire/Earth A small lizard-like creature that controls fire.
#005 Achilles Fire/Earth Said to be a huge, fiery creature, invincible.
#006 Eletus electricity/water A yellow otter that can generate electricity.
#007 Electroxo electricity/water A huge, powerful otter with electrified fur.
#008 Misjudgment ghost Naughty personality, likes to tease people.
#009 Mismagius ghost A more powerful version of Misdreavus.
#010 larva loophole A small insect-like creature with a hard shell.
#011 firefly bug/fly A butterfly-like creature that produces powerful gusts of wind.
Chapter 012 Bachan struggle A sheep-like creature skilled in martial arts.
Chapter 013 bar struggle A larger, more powerful version of Bashawn.
Chapter 014 jellyn poison A gelatinous creature that can dissolve almost anything.
#015 Girati Byte poison A more powerful version of Garin.
Chapter 016 trick rock Rock creatures capable of manipulating gravity.
Chapter 017 Stratosid rock/fly A flying version of strategy with mighty wings.
Chapter 018 Froy water A small inflatable creature that floats on water.
Chapter 019 Kaimanoe water/land A crocodile-like creature that can move on land and in water.
Chapter 020 Trapint water/poison A small crab-like creature that shoots poisonous needles.
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