Pokémon 2 Heroes – Pokémon ROM

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Pokémon 2 Heroes – Pokémon ROM
Pokémon 2 Heroes

Pokémon 2 Hero Developer satibaldi As a cracked version or fan version of “Pokemon Fire Red”. Below you can download and play the Pokemon 2 Heroes ROM for the GBA emulator.

Download Pokémon 2 Heroes

  • document: Pokemon 2 Heroes
  • simulator: receive
  • Developer: satibaldi
  • hacker attack: fiery red
  • Version: fully
  • renew: 2021


  1. Hokum, Kanto, Johto and local areas are connected.
  2. OFC new things
  3. Sprites have been added to the main world.
  4. Add new roles.
  5. Dumb that has been polished.
  6. RPG style.
  7. Added some Z movement

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