How To Transfer Telkom Data South Africa

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How To Transfer Telkom Data In South Africa

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How to Move Telkom Data in South Africa: How to transfer data on Telkom is a common query from the general public. The fact that Telkom makes data transfer simple is unknown to many people.

As a result, I carefully crafted this article to address any questions you might have about how to transfer data on Telkom.


Data Transfer Instructions for Telkom

As a Telkom client, you should be aware that data transmission between Telkom numbers is allowed. In this section of the essay, I’ll walk you through the procedure for transferring data on Telkom.

If you want to transfer data on Telkom, take the following actions:

  • Take up your phone and dial the code *180#.
  • When the window appears, select “Transfer” from the menu under option three (3).
  • The phone number where you wish to send the information must be entered.
  • Now, enter how much data you wish to transfer (bear in mind that you have a daily limit of 1GB)
  • Follow the directions to complete the process.

The recipient’s phone number will receive an SMS notice confirming receipt of the data bundle. Also, the data sender will receive an SMS with information on the remaining balance and the remaining monthly data transfer limit.


The maximum data transfer capacity Telkom offers

Although being allowed, there is a limit to the quantity of data that can be carried across Telkom.

10GB of data can be sent monthly and 1GB per day through Telkom. Remember that if you use up all of this, you will have to wait until the next window.

For instance, you won’t be able to send data until the next month if you use up your monthly allotment in the midst of the current one. When your daily data transfer cap is surpassed, the same reasoning still applies.

I’m hoping the information that follows answers all of your questions about how much data can be transferred to Telkom at once.


How to Transfer Data Bundles on Telkom?

Data bundles can be transferred utilizing Telkom without the need for a sizable apparatus or laborious procedures.

As a subscriber, you can actually transfer data easily on Telkom, and you can do this in under a minute with a few clicks on your phone.

You only need to dial the short USSD Code for Telkom Data Transfer then adhere to the on-screen instructions if you want to transfer data on Telkom.

USSD Code for Telkom Data Transfer

USSD Code for Telkom Data Transfer

To send data on Telkom, you must enter a USSD code. The data transmission code for Telkom is *180#.

Importantly, without this USSD code, you cannot transfer data from your Telkom number to another number.

On the phone that is sending the data, dial *180# and then proceed through the menu. A monthly transfer cap of 5GB allows you to select between sending 250MB, 500MB, or 1GB. The data will move as quickly as you can say “megabyte” once the procedure is finished.


To transfer Telkom LTE data.

If you’re wondering if you can transmit Telkom LTE data, the answer is yes because Telkom supports LTE data transfers.


Is Data transfer possible for Telkom customers?

If you are a Telkom subscriber, you can transfer data from one Telkom number to another Telkom number.

Telkom made this possible because “sharing is caring”. For instance, you can have access to too much information that you wish you could share with others because it would be difficult for you to drain them.


How to transfer Telkom data to a different number?

How can I move my Telkom data to a another phone number? is the question you posed, thus in order to answer, I must highly encourage you to select the data transfer method you wish to use.

Depending on the option you have decided to use, you should then proceed to follow the instructions that are provided with either the USSD approach or the Telkom app.

You must download the Telkom app to your phone in order to utilize it, and you must use the USSD technique to call the *180# code. Also, because the application uses interest, you must ensure that you have access to the internet because it depends on it.


Telkom, has it implemented data sharing?

Telkom Data transfer

Thanks to Telkom, customers can now share their data with friends and family.

If you have a lot of data on your phone and can send some of it to a potential recipient.

Although some people may be in tough circumstances that make it impossible for them to buy airtime or data, a thoughtful gesture like this might go a long way toward making them happy.


What Is the Price of 100GB of Telkom Data?

From Telkom, 1GB of data is offered. Although 100 GB of data is somewhat pricey, for someone who intends to use it for a prosperous business, it is a good investment. 100 GB of data on Telkom costs R399 per month.


What Is the Price of 1 GB of Telkom Data?

From Telkom, 1GB of data is offered. The price of 1GB of data varies because Telkom provides a number of data packages, the majority of which include 1GB of data but have different costs. Below is a list of how much 1GB of Telkom data costs;

  • R35 for 1GB of weekly social packages.
  • Monthly social packages with 1GB cost R40.
  • R49 gets you 1GB as part of the weekend bundle.


How Do I Transfer a Telkom Data Bundle?

Data transfer from one Telkom number to another Telkom number is available. Use the USSD code or the Telkom app to accomplish this. The simplest option is to use the USSD code provided by Telkom.

I consider the USSD code option to be the simplest because it doesn’t require the usage of the internet. By just dialing the code *180# on your phone and following a few simple instructions, you may complete the process.

LTE/LTE-A Single Use The Data Transfer service supports anytime data bundles, but not night surfer data bundles or promotional data bundles.

The Data Transfer service is available to both new and recurring Telkom Mobile SmartBroadband Wireless customers. Transferring Data Bundles to or from other Mobile Carriers is not permitted.

Data transfers from prepaid SmartBroadband Wireless users are only permitted to postpaid or prepaid SmartBroadband Wireless customers.


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