Contact Details For Telkom In South Africa

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Contact Details For Telkom In South Africa
Telkom Contact Details | Contact Details For Telkom in South Africa.

Almost 38 African countries are served by Telkom SA SOC Limited, a landline and wireless telecommunications provider based in South Africa. The South African government owns 40.5% of Telkom and the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), a company that is closely linked to the South African government, owns the remaining 14.8%. Telkom is mostly state-owned (55.3%).

Do you need Telkom South Africa’s contact details? If so, your choice of the phone number will depend on the kind of customer you are. Residential customers are the most common, and they can get services by dialing 10120. On the other hand, Telkom Mobile customers should dial 081180. The full list of Telkom South Africa’s contact details is as follows:

Contact Details For Telkom In South Africa

Clients at home

  • for sales 10213
  • 10120 or 10217 for expert services
  • Sales to Business Clients 10213
  • 10214 Enterprise Clients


Default Telkom Customer Service Number

081180 is the Telkom mobile customer service number.

They are all toll-free if you call from a Telkom line. As a result, getting in touch with Telkom is free. Please contact them if you experience any problems. Visit the Telkom assistance page and choose the relevant section based on your needs if you need to send an email.

Is there a WhatsApp number for Telkom?

WhatsApp number for Telkom

You can always check the bare minimum on Telkom without ever leaving WhatsApp. To check data balances, purchase bundles, and access a ton of other customer care services, send a WhatsApp message to the customer care line at 0811 601 700.

How do I contact a Telkom representative online?

Online conversation with customer service

Visit in a web browser. To access a menu with several settings, click the help button at the top of the page. To access the online chat form for customer assistance, click “speak to us” at the top of the menu.

Three ways to contact Telkom

The First way: Call 10213 to inquire about obtaining a phone, data package, or equipment. This number will link you to a sales specialist who can walk you through service costs, data plans, and phone alternatives. They will answer your questions and assist you with any other concerns you may have. They can also assist you in making purchases over the phone or online.

The Second way: For assistance with a mobile device or data plan, dial 081180. If you have any questions concerning your mobile phone or data plan, call this number to speak with someone from Telkom’s mobile department. You may be asked to provide personal information to verify your identification before they answer any inquiries.

The Third way: To reach a customer support representative, dial 10120. This number will link you to a customer service representative who will assist you with any general problem or concern. You may have to wait a few minutes on hold, but they will handle any questions or concerns you may have. Before they can assist you, you may need to provide them with some personal information to verify your identification.

  • If you call Telkom from a Telkom landline or mobile phone, your call is free.
  • Tip: If you don’t live in South Africa, you must first dial 01127 before dialing the number.


What numbers do Telkom numbers begin with?

Vodacom is assigned the numbers 072 and 082, MTN is assigned the numbers 073 and 083, and Cell C is assigned the numbers 074 and 084. The remaining allocations are more complicated, particularly those beginning with the number 6. For instance, Telkom numbers can begin with 0614 but Cell C numbers can begin anywhere between 0610 and 0613.


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