How To Transfer Telkom Airtime In South Africa

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Do you need To Transfer Telkom Airtime between Telkom South Africa numbers? If so, this article will show you how to go about doing it. In Africa, the ability to recharge other numbers on the same network with your own credit is a feature that is universally desired.

Maybe it has to do with the caring and sharing tendencies that are part of who we are. In any case, the steps to transfer airtime on Telkom South Africa are listed below;


How To Transfer Telkom Airtime In South Africa

To transfer Telkom airtime in South Africa, the steps indicated below must be taken;

  • Airtime transfer from one Telkom Mobile Prepaid client to another.
  • Dial *180#
  • To transfer airtime, choose option 3.
  • Select the quantity of airtime you’d like to purchase. The alternatives will be displayed as R10, R20, and R50 in Rand value.
  • Put the recipient’s Telkom Mobile phone number here.
  • Verify your purchase.
  • You will be informed once it has been verified that the airtime has been sent via an SMS.

The recipient can now make calls, send SMS messages, or convert their airtime to data bundles using the credit.


Other methods of transferring airtime

You can use your banking app to seamlessly transfer airtime to any network.

You can transfer money directly from the pay point, send the pin, or buy a Telkom Mobile credit voucher in person.


What is the Telkom Airtime Transfer Code?

The Telkom South Africa airtime transfer code is *180#. To transfer your credit to another Telkom phone, dial that number and adhere to the prompts that appear on the screen.



How To Transfer Telkom Airtime In South Africa
                                           How To Transfer Telkom Airtime In South Africa

You will get a message that the Telkom credit transfer was successful after it is finished. The person you just sent airtime to is now free to use it however they see fit.

Why bother trying to grasp how to transfer airtime on Telkom Mobile?

This was already said at the outset of this essay. In conducting research for this article, we found it humorous that airtime transfers to friends and family appear to be primarily restricted to the African continent. For that reason, we are neither indigent nor in need. We care, and that’s the major reason.

Think about being separated from your sibling, whether they are across the country or in the next room! They could desire to get in touch with their girlfriend or partner. We are well aware that these issues could result in a divorce or romantic difficulties. The fantastic aspect is that, if you are on the same network, you can rapidly transfer credit from your phone to theirs.


Can Telkom data be transferred to a better Telkom number?

Now, sending data across Telkom phones is as simple as dialing *180#. Make sure that no one is ever left out of the discourse by being a data hero. Like this: Shadreck Sithole and 21 others.


How do I credit my Telkom airtime?

To reload, dial *188*vouchernumber#. Once everything is finished, you will get an SMS from the network confirming that your account has been refilled.


How do I send airtime in advance to Telkom?

Call *180#, choose Emergency Top Up, and then borrow airtime or data. Obtain an emergency top-up and pay an R1 service fee. To return it, recharge. An illustration would be if you used R10 Emergency Top Up airtime and then charged R20.


How can I acquire Telkom airtime for Free?

Based on the cost of their recharge, Telkom More users are given additional free airtime. The free additional airtime is equal to 100% of the airtime that was purchased. The free airtime can be used for calls, SMS, and data for a period of seven days. Every R5 recharges for airtime are eligible for free airtime.


What does Telkom Free Me mean?

The FreeMe Unlimited. total network data of 2GB. For calling and messaging on WhatsApp, you get 500MB of data. streaming for 500MB. 1,000 minutes Calls between Telkom entities.


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