Alexa Spotify Music Commands: Useful

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Alexa Spotify Music Commands

It is lovely to use Alexa Spotify music commands and It may be fantastic for music lovers like you when Alexa and Spotify are linked.

When it comes to using Alexa Spotify commands, Echo devices have significantly altered the rules. Playback, Pause, or Stop; Shuffle On or Off; and Volume Up or Down.

You can maximize your use of Spotify’s music streaming capabilities by knowing something that I’ll explain in this post.


The 30 Greatest Alexa Spotify Music Commands

If you don’t understand how to control the music, just make a little note of this post and listen to your favorite music while lounging on your couch.

With Amazon Music, the majority of these commands function well. You can follow the command with the name of your Spotify music app as follows: “Alexa, play (song title) on Spotify.”

But, if the music app is set as the default. You don’t need to bring it up every time.

Note: Before executing any commands with Alexa (Echo Device), I advise you to connect Alexa to your Spotify account and configure Spotify as your default music app. You can use the instructions in the article listed below to ask Alexa to play any Spotify playlist.


Play Music Command

Alexa Spotify play Music Commands

If you’d like to play music from the Spotify app. Command by saying; Alexa, play


Music Stop Command

If you want the music to stop completely, command by saying; Alexa, Stop.

Some people always listen to songs of a certain genre based on their mood. Few people, however, want to change their tastes and listen to every second song.


Music Pause Command

To pause the current song’s music, Command by saying; Alexa, pause


Resume Music Command

If you want to resume the current song. Command by saying; Alexa, resume.


Next Track Command

If you want to play the second song and skip the current one, simply Command by saying; Alexa, next track.


Previous Track

If you want to go back to the previous track, simply Command by saying; Alexa, previous track.


Shuffle Music

If you want to play random songs at a party and bypass Alexa’s song selection, simply Command by saying; Alexa, shuffle music


Play Artist Command

If you want to play an artist, simply Command by just saying; Alexa play (artist name).


Command For Playlist

Alexa plays songs from a playlist, and everyone has created their playlist and added their favorite songs to it.

When you hear a song for the first time or it just comes to mind, add it to your playlist, simply Command by saying: Alexa, add this song to my playlist.



Artist Album command

If you want to play the album, simply command by saying Alexa, play the album by (artist).


Song by Artist command

If you would like to play a specific song by any artist, simply say; Alexa, play (song name) by (artist).


Music by Activity

If you want to listen to music at a party or while swimming, just say; Alexa, play music for (activity).

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Mood Choice Command

In terms of mood, when you’re welcoming the new year or celebrating a victory and you’re happy, or when you’re mourning a loss and you’re sad,
You might want to listen to music that soothes your emotions. Just say: Alexa Play (mood choice)

You can improve your mood by listening to cool music. You can ask Alexa to play joyful, depressing, or celebratory music. Just say;  Alexa Play Romantic Songs.


Music in Time

If the music should stop after a certain amount of time. This is usually the case when you want to go to bed after listening to music and then stop after a few minutes. Just say; Alexa, stop music in (time).


Music for the Time

This command will give you the songs; simply substitute angry, happy, or sad for ‘mood,’ and Alexa will satisfy you with its selection of songs.

You should probably play music for a set amount of time if you are running late for work and want to relax. Just say Alexa Play music for (time).


Play Lyric

Sometimes you listen to songs on anyone’s device and the lyrics just fade away. You want to get that song and listen to it over and over. Alexa can assist you in this situation.

You should only sing the lyrics a little bit, and Alexa will do the rest.

Play that song, Alexa, that goes like (sing lyric).

Alexa has made it simple for you to find your favorite music even if you don’t know its name.

If you want to loop any of your playlists, simply say; “Alexa, loop this playlist.”


Song Guessing

If you are listening to random music and enjoy a song, you will most likely want to know more about it.
You can get song information from Alexa by saying; Alexa, what kind of song is this?

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Song Guide Command

If you want Alexa to recommend a song to you, simply say; Alexa, recommend some new music.


Top Hits

The world’s leading music app, Alexa, displays the most popular song on its platform every day, and you can listen to it with an Alexa command. Just say; Alexa, Play Today’s Top Hits on Spotify.


Decade Best

You can also ask Alexa to play the best songs from the last ten years, and she will play the most popular songs. Just say; Alexa, Play Best of the Decade.


The 80s Hits

Alexa Spotify 80s Music Commands
Alexa Spotify 80s Music Commands

Alexa can also play you evergreen songs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, which Spotify keeps. Just say; Alexa, Play 80s Hits OR Alexa, play 90s mix.


Wake with song Music

If you want to set an alarm and wake up to your favorite song. Just say; Alexa, Wake Me Up at 7 a.m. to Without Me.


Setting Bass

Simply say; Alexa set bass to minimum or Alexa set bass to maximum if you want to change the bass settings. You can also have the bass set to any number.



Simply say Alexa, increase midrange if you want to increase the midrange.

Simply say “Alexa, decrease midrange” if you want to reduce the midrange.



Some people prefer one mood or activity over another and are unwilling to change their genre. They want to stick to their decision. They can instruct Alexa to play songs from their chosen genre in this situation. Just say, “Alexa, play (genre) music.”


Like Song

Some well-known genres are as follows:

  • Pop, Rap, Folk, Rock Metal, and Hip Hop

When you like any song, simply say; Alexa, I like this song.


Dislike Song

When you don’t like a song, just say so. Alexa, I don’t like this song.


Create Your Playlist.

How do you make a playlist in Alexa?

This is so simple by just saying; Alexa, Create(Playlist name)


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my iPhone to play Spotify on Alexa?

  • First, download and install the Alexa app on your iPhone.
  • Now, download and sign in to the Spotify app.
  • Go to the Alexa app’s settings and select the Music and Podcasts option.
  • Connect to Spotify.
  • Welcome! You can now use Spotify with Alexa on your iPhone.


Can I use my Alexa to listen to Spotify without syncing my accounts?

Yes! Without giving Spotify your login information, you can play music from Spotify on Alexa. However, you must connect your Spotify because otherwise, each command requires you to mention Spotify.


Is it possible for Alexa to skip songs on Spotify?

Yes! If you say, Alexa, Skip Song OR Alexa, Play next Song.

With these commands, you can play the next song and return to the previous one.


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