Straight Talk Unlimited Data: How To Get

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Straight talk unlimited data

Have you heard of Straight Talk Unlimited Data plan or their wonderful no-contract phone plans? Have You decided to give it a try?

Although I had Wi-Fi at home, which served as my primary internet connection, I chose the 45-gigabyte plan on my end, and for the first few months, I didn’t go over the data plan’s allotted amount.

Last month, I had to leave town for almost three weeks, and my Straight Talk phone data was the only way I could access the internet.

I was traveling for a significant portion of those three weeks and needed more than 45 gigabytes to keep me entertained.

In addition to being hard to use, using the internet at 2G speeds had problems even during calls.

I was interested in knowing if there was a method to extend my data plan once I arrived home from the trip.

Upgrades don’t seem to be necessary, and the 45-gigabyte maximum is no longer sufficient.

This article includes what I discovered when I searched online for ways to increase the amount of data available on Straight Talk. It also explains how to get unlimited bandwidth.


How to get Straight Talk Unlimited Data

A free upgrade to unlimited service is available for all plans from Straight Talk in light of recent events.

You won’t be required to pay more as a result.

A free upgrade to an unlimited data aircraft is available by just texting COVID to 611-611.

To make this work, though, you must have a live connection.


Use APN to get Straight Talk Unlimited Service

I’ll start by discussing how to set up an APN so you may use a limitless amount of data.

A “virtual operator” is something like Straight Talk.

This implies that Straight Talk leases mobile phone connection infrastructure from larger firms like AT&T rather than owning any towers or communications equipment.

The AT&T hardware must be used on the network you are on in order for the APN approach described here to function.

Hence, the likelihood that this will function entirely depends on where you are and the technology that Straight Talk is employing.

Try nonetheless; there is no risk.

Make a note of your default APN before changing it so that you can revert to it if necessary.

To view your Android device’s default APN:

  • Turn on mobile data by opening Settings.
  • Choose More or Advanced by scrolling downward.
  • Access Point Names should be chosen after Mobile Networks.
  • To display the APN details, click the first entry.


On iOS:

  • Either go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network or go to Settings > Mobile Data >
  • Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network.
  • Take note of each field’s default APN settings.


In order to configure a new APN on an AT&T network:

  • Press the + symbol or Add from the Access Point Names screen.
    • Enter Straight Talk under Name.
    • Tfdata under APN
    • is listed under
    • 80 under the port
    • is the MMS Proxy.
    • 410 under MNC 310 under MCC
    • under MMSC
    • APN types: hipri, default, mms, and supl
    • PAP authentication type
    • IPv4 APN protocol
    • Leave the rest of the fields empty.
  • Switch off and then back on your mobile data.
  • If you can access the internet, your AP change was successful.
  • If not, your network could not be using AT&T equipment. Revert to the default APN in that scenario.
  • Choose the first option in the APN list to return to the default APN.

If the default APN is not listed, click the Add button once more and enter all the information you have previously entered.


Straight Talk Data Cap Reset APN

There is also another APN you can use.

Although it makes use of a Cingular access point, alternative hardware has also been shown to function with it.

Details of the APN are

  1. Name of APN: Straight Talk
  2. APN is wap.Tracfone
  3. Proxy: 80
  4. MMs proxy:
  5. MMS proxy Port: 80
  6. MCC: 310
  7. MMSC:
  8. MNC: 410
  9. APN: default, mms, and supl


Bypass the Straight Talk Data Cap

If the APN functions, you can now use your limited data plan to access unlimited data.

This exploits an AT&T system flaw, therefore the patch is just temporary.

You won’t be able to utilize it once AT&T fixes the problem.

Upgrade to their $55 plan, though, for one more way to get around the data cap.

The package works nationally and even comes with 10 GB of data you can use with any of Straight Talk’s Wi-Fi hotspots around the nation, so it’s worth spending the extra money.


How to Unlock the Data Cap

I’d strongly advise you to switch to the $55 plan if you can because Straight Talk is one of the more compassionate phone service providers out there based on what they’ve done for their customers in these hard times.

The network at Straight Talk is excellent as well, in part because there are fewer people using the network concurrently in a given location than there are with larger phone providers.

This indicates that you can get quicker and more dependable speeds than you would with an AT&T or Verizon connection.



You should be aware that Straight Talk’s term of “unlimited data” is a 60GB cap, data throttling up to 200GB, and data jail until the next billing or renewal cycle. If you choose to purchase any plan that promotes unlimited data, you should be aware of this.


Answers To Some FAQs About Straight Talk

Is it possible to run out of unlimited data on Straight Talk?

There is no data limit with their truly unlimited plan, which costs $55.

There are no restrictions on calls or texts.

Other plans, however, have limitations.


What is the Straight Talk unlimited data plan?

Straight Talk’s plans are all technically unlimited.

However, the only drawback is that you will only get very fast speeds up to the data cap of each plan.

However, once this limit is reached, your internet will slow to 2G speeds, which are currently unusable.

You can still connect to the internet, but the connection will be extremely slow.


How long can 10GB of data last?

Ten Gigabytes of data can last up to 120 hours of internet browsing or 20 hours of standard definition streaming content (480p).

However, it will differ from one user to the next.


How can I get a Free Straight Talk plan?

You can get free plans by referring Straight Talk to your friends or by texting COVID to 611-611.


Can Straight Talk users get unlimited data?

Interestingly, Straight Talk offers unlimited data in an era where the majority of phone data plans have incredibly low data restrictions.

Two options exist for obtaining unlimited data.

Enjoy all the advantages of a truly unlimited connection with no limits on calling or data use with Straight Talk’s new $55 monthly plan.

The best aspect of the alternative way, which entails using your phone to set up access points so you can obtain limitless data, is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra over and above what you already pay.

Sending a text message is another optional approach you can try out, which we shall discuss later.


How to Fix Straight Talk Data Not Working?

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