Roomba Not Charging: How to Fix Effortlessly

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Why is my Roomba not charging

The way to fix Roomba Not Charging:- If your Roomba isn’t charging, clean any dust, hair, or other debris from the charging ports with a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Additionally, you might want to install a new battery, swap out your charging station, or even reset the Roomba to factory defaults.

How long is the Roomba battery life Span?

After at least 2-3 years of routine maintenance, your robot’s batteries should need to be replaced. By keeping your battery in good condition, you can maintain your Roomba-cleaning ®’s performance: Use only the iRobot® batteries. Each robot in the s, j, I, and 900 Series comes equipped with Li-Ion batteries by default.

Strategies on How to fix Roomba Not Charging

The next are among the strategies:

Carry out Cleansing of the docking station

If the Roomba doesn’t obtain an sufficient energy supply, it could fail to cost.

Some of the frequent causes is filth buildup on the charging connections. It serves because the hyperlink between the ports and the outlet.

Because of this, it’s crucial to wash the docking station of trash frequently. It might present a fast resolution to your drawback.

Listed here are the actions to take:

  • Flip the Roomba over and take away it from the caster wheel.
  • Test that the wheels are freed from particles.
  • Clear the charging contacts with rubbing alcohol and a mild fabric.

Be certain that the electrical contact points are clear.

The Roomba 600 series had an iRobot advertisement with the slogan “cleans exhausting so you do not have to.”

The Roomba does keep your home clean, but it needs some care and effort to do it.

As a result, it’s recommended to wash the Roomba every day to prevent a variety of issues that could result in a reduced lifespan.

For example, electrical connections are renowned for forming an oxide coating or for collecting dirt and mud on the charging port.

Additionally, you don’t want to hire a professional to thoroughly clean your Roomba. All you need are a few inexpensive family cleaning supplies, which you can find at Walmart or any mom-and-pop store.

Use a soft, dry cloth and 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to clean the contact websites.

Another unlikely option is to clean the charging contacts with a microfiber cloth or damp melamine foam.

Cleaning may not cure the charging issue, therefore let’s move on to troubleshooting.

Restart the Roomba.

Typically, the difficulty is with this system moderately than the {hardware}. Because of a flaw, the Roomba could not sign that it’s charging. In reality, it could possibly be and also you’re unaware of it!

Because of this, as our preliminary step, we will execute a mushy reset. The Roomba is restarted, however its settings are usually not reset to manufacturing facility defaults.

The next are the steps of resetting the Roomba:

  • Maintain down the clear and dock buttons on the system.
  • When you hear a beep from it, launch the buttons.
  • Once you plug the Roomba again in, it ought to begin up and show the charging indicator.
  • Roomba 700 and 800 sequence items, however, have a devoted reset button. It’s possible you’ll gently reset it by holding it down for 10 seconds.

Use a special power outlet

How to fix Roomba Not Charging

Earlier than delving into thorough cleansing and extra subtle troubleshooting approaches, we should always double-check our wiring and sockets.

Once you plug within the Dwelling Base, the ability mild ought to flash.

In the event you do not see the sunshine, the GFCI outlet has probably tripped. Hook up with a special energy outlet and test certain your connections are tight whereas plugging in.

Change the Battery

The battery could change into displaced or free from its location throughout delivery or for different causes.

Be certain the battery is within the acceptable place earlier than we determine to switch it or declare the guarantee.

Take away 5 screws on the rear panel to achieve entry to the battery compartment, then reinstall the battery tightly. After that, change the screws and plug within the Roomba.

What’s the battery lifetime of a Roomba?

The battery is the Roomba’s coronary heart and soul. Because of this, even slight points with it might probably have an effect on the robotics’ performance.

The Roomba battery, however, can survive a whole lot of cleansing cycles if correctly maintained.

Every run lasts between an hour and two hours (ought to run longer initially). As well as, I found that the everyday charging time is round 2 hours.

Earlier than charging the robotic, I like to recommend eradicating the yellow pull tab. Additionally, if you get a brand new Roomba, cost it in a single day and use it until it dies.

One other great method to increase the battery lifetime of your Roomba is to take away the battery when not in use.

For instance, whereas on trip, depart the battery disconnected. Once you’re prepared to make use of it once more, change the battery, cost it, and use it till the battery is totally depleted.


Change the Docking Station

The docking station, just like the battery, will be changed if it turns into problematic. If cleansing the dock didn’t assist, think about on the lookout for a substitute dock.

In case you have a guaranty, iRobot will change the dock inside every week. You may also search the free marketplace for a appropriate one in your Roomba.


Reset the Roomba to manufacturing/factory settings

If not one of the above options labored, you may conduct a manufacturing facility reset. A tough reset restores the system to its manufacturing facility default settings, making it pretty much as good as new when it comes to software program.

It’s an efficient technique for coping with defective reminiscence or software program issues that have an effect on charging.

The strategies to manufacturing facility reset your Roomba are easy and take lower than ten seconds:

Maintain down the Clear button for ten seconds.
When the indicator lights flash, launch the system, and it ought to restart.
Any custom-made settings or schedules that you simply saved on the Roomba will likely be misplaced for those who carry out a manufacturing facility reset. You may, nonetheless, reprogram it once more.


Contact Buyer Service

If there’s a drawback with the Roomba, the troubleshooting mild will flash.

The variety of blinks corresponds to an error code. There are quite a few such drawback codes, the commonest of which is error code 8, and you might be taught extra about them by utilizing the iRobot app in your telephone or PC.

In the event you require clarification on the codes or basic help together with your Roomba, name iRobot customer support at 1-877-855-8593. Extra contact data is out there on their web site.


Strive claiming your Roomba’s warranty.

If not one of the alternate options labored to restore the charging points, you’ll have a malfunctioning Roomba.

In case your product remains to be underneath guarantee, you may contact iRobot on to request a substitute or refurbishment.

Nonetheless, outdoors of the guarantee interval, you might be required to pay extra charges to iRobot or any third-party service supplier to deal with any inside circuit considerations.

Permit the specialists to take over as soon as you’ve got exhausted your troubleshooting choices.


Cost Your Roomba or Pay to Get a New One

If the Roomba battery is lifeless and must be changed, a brief hack can jumpstart it and provides it a couple of extra cleansing cycles.

Merely put, jump-starting the lithium-ion battery with a totally charged battery will not be really useful by the makers.

It will not be as environment friendly, nevertheless it ought to preserve the Roomba working for a couple of extra days.

Join the lifeless battery to the totally charged one utilizing 14-gauge copper wire by the matching connections. Tape them collectively for roughly two minutes.

Take away the battery and insert it into the Roomba. It ought to now start charging.

Moreover, whereas troubleshooting, keep watch over the charger flashing LEDs. A flashing pink mild, for instance, signifies that the battery is overheating.

Equally, a flashing pink and inexperienced mild signifies that the battery will not be correctly positioned within the battery compartment. The iRobot app has extra data on the codes.


Battery substitute/Replacement

You may change the battery for those who imagine it’s underperforming or defective.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few battery choices in the marketplace; how do you select the perfect one?

Unique iRobot batteries are really useful for optimum operation. With acceptable upkeep, you may lengthen its life and keep away from charging difficulties.

Listed here are a couple of pointers that will help you lengthen the lifetime of your Roomba’s battery:

As a result of the Roomba has a chargeable battery, frequent use may end up in extra cleansing cycles.
Cost and retailer in a cool, dry location.
Clear the gadget frequently to keep away from hair or mud accumulation.
When not in use, plug the Roomba into the charger to maintain it always charging.
Additionally, when charging recent lithium-ion batteries, be affected person. You have to enable it to “get up.”

To start, set the bottom station on a degree floor and plug it in. An indicator LED ought to mild up.

Then place the Roomba on it and wait until the bottom station goes out and the Roomba’s mild begins blinking after which goes out.

It denotes that the smartphone is now charging. You might have to attend ten seconds or extra.


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