Programming DirecTV Remote RC73: Comprehensive Guide

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Programming DirecTV Remote RC73

To Program DirecTV Remote RC73:- The DirecTV RC73 remote control must first be paired with your TV before you can program it to operate the appliance you want to utilize. Set the remote’s mode switch to “TV” at the top. Hold down the MUTE button. This is above the number one button. Hold down the MUTE button while pressing and holding the SELECT button until the green light at the top of the remote flashes twice.

Two Types of DirecTV Remote controls

Programming DirecTV Remote RC73

The image above depicts the two separate remotes used by DirecTV; the Genie remote is on the right, and the normal universal remote is on the left.

The bulk of the new connection includes the most recent Genie remote, model number RC73.

Both remote controls may control your TVs and audio receivers and work in the same way.

The ability of the universal remote to operate Genie devices in their RF modes or of the Genie remote to control the universal remote’s receiver is what distinguishes them.

The Genie, on the other hand, can operate any receiver manufactured after 2003 in IR mode.


The best way for programming DirecTV Remote RC73 for your HDTV or audio device

Before doing anything else, you must first pair the Genie remote with your TV or audio system. Your remote control must be paired for DirecTV to work.

The TV and the audio device are included in this process, which should be repeated for each device. You need to follow these steps to pair your remote:

  • Select your Wireless Genie Mini, Genie Mini, or Genie HD DVR via the remote control.
  • Continue to hit the Enter and Mute buttons. When the green light blinks twice, release the buttons.
  • The IF/RF setup will be displayed on the TV, indicating that you are currently in RF mode.
  • Now Turn on the device that has to be paired.
  • Press the Menu button on the remote.
  • Go to Settings & Help > Settings > Remote Control to program the remote.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the device.

After completing these steps, you will have successfully linked the remote with the device.


How to Manually Program the RC73

If the automatic process fails for some reason, you can manually program the DirecTV genie remote. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Point the remote at your Genie receiver.
  • Continue to hold down the Select and Mute buttons. Once the green light begins to blink, release the buttons.
  • Enter 961
  • After you’ve pressed the Channel Up button, click Enter.
  • “Your remote is now set up for RF,” your TV will display. Select OK.
  • Turn on the device you want to pair.
  • By selecting the Menu button, navigate to Settings & Help > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote.
  • To finish pairing, select your device from the list displayed on the screen and follow the on-screen instructions.


How to Program the RC73 for DIRECTV-Ready TV

If you currently have a Genie DVR and a DirecTV Ready TV, you won’t need an extra Genie or Genie Mini.

It is quite simple to connect a Genie remote to a DirecTV Ready TV.

Just follow these few steps:

  • Point the remote towards your Genie DVR.
  • Hold down the Mute and Enter buttons. Hold the buttons down until the green light blinks twice.
  • “Appling IR/RF configuration” will appear on your TV.
  • Turn on your DirecTV Ready TV.
  • Hold down the Mute and Select buttons. When the green light blinks twice more, release the buttons.
  • Enter your TV’s manufacturer’s code.
    1. Samsung code: 54000
    2. Sony: 54001 Toshiba: 54002
  • Use the DirecTV lookup tool to find alternative manufacturers.
  • Your remote should now be paired and ready to use.


Resetting Your DIRECTV Genie Remote

If your Genie remote ever stops working or responding to inputs, a reset attempt is a straightforward repair.

To reset the Genie remote, follow the steps below:

  • The reset button can be found on the side of the receiver or within the access card door. If none exists, proceed to step 3.
  • After 10 to 15 seconds, click the button and go to step 4.
  • Unplug the receiver from the power supply after 15 seconds. Reconnect it after that.
    If possible, use your remote.


If it doesn’t work, try the following:

  • Remove anything that is impeding the IR signal of the remote. Glass doors in entertainment centers may cause interference.
  • Scrub the receiver’s sensor and the emitter of your remote with a microfiber cloth.
  • If the inside lights are excessively bright, turn them down. These lights are said to interfere with emotional signals.


How to Turn Off RF

You can use the remote in IR mode while turning off the RF transmitter. You can try this if there are a lot of RF-based gadgets nearby and the interference is interfering with your remote.

However, take in mind that for the receiver to receive signals from the reforming IR mode, the remote must be pointed at it.

To disable or deactivate your remote’s RF mode, follow these steps:

The Select and Mute buttons should be held down. After the green light has flashed twice, press the buttons.
Enter 9-6-1.
Channel Down should be pressed and released. T. light will now flash four times green.

If you followed the instructions exactly, your remote will not exit RF mode.


List of DirecTV rc73 remote codes

  • Samsung 1.
  • Qwest 1.
  • Hughes Network Systems 1.
  • Humax 1.
  • DirecTV 00001, 00002, 00003, 00004, 00005, 00006, 00007, and 0008.


Most Asked Questions

Can I use my phone as a DirecTV remote?

Download the DirecTV remote app from the App Store or Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your DirecTV receiver. When everything is finished, you can control your receiver using your smartphone.

How can I program my DirecTV remote if I don’t have a code?

Genie remote controls that are more contemporary instantly associate with your TV without asking you to enter any codes. If you have a DirecTV Ready TV, there are codes specific to each brand. Use the lookup tool to find your code.

Is the DirecTV remote infrared or radio frequency?

Both the earlier universal remotes and the more contemporary Genie support RF and IR. Every other remote control is either radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR).

How can I program the volume on my DirecTV remote RC73?

The remote can be programmed normally. It will program the volume control automatically.


Final Thoughts

Naturally, the Genie remote is compatible with your DirecTV receiver, but I recommend purchasing an RF universal remote instead.

The majority of universal remote controls that can operate more than your TV and receiver are compatible with DirecTV boxes.

They can operate the fans and lights in your home if you have a fully remote control setup.

These universal remotes, which replace the ten distinct remotes you presently have with just themselves, reduce the clutter and confusion caused by having too many remotes. Return your DirecTV equipment to avoid paying cancellation costs if you’d rather try out another product on the market.

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