Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM – 3ds and CIA Download

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Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM – 3ds and CIA Download
Pokémon Ultra Moon ROM

Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM will work on any 3ds emulator. Below you can download all versions of Ultra Moon. To run this ROM file, you must have an emulator. This ROM file is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Pokémon Ultra Moon ROM

  • document: Pokémon Ultra Sun
  • comfort: Nintendo 3DS
  • type: role play
  • area: America, Europe
  • simulator: Citra and similar 3ds emulators
  • platform: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows
  • Year: 2017

Download the Pokemon Ultra Moon ROM 3ds ROM from below:

ROM download
Pokémon Ultra Moon ROM download
Pokémon Ultra Moon 3ds ROM [Japan] download

Pokemon Ultra Moon 3ds Cia

Download Pokemon Ultra Moon 3ds Cia from below:

CIA download
Pokemon Ultra Moon cia for Citra Simulator download

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Pokemon Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultimate Moon is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. It was released worldwide in November 2017 as an enhanced version of the original Pokemon Sun and Moon game, featuring new story elements, Pokemon, characters, and game mechanics. In Ultra Moon, players take on the role of a young Pokémon trainer who must explore the Alola region, capture and train Pokémon, battle other trainers, and eventually become the champion of the Pokémon League. The game also introduces new forms of Legendary Pokémon and features updated game mechanics, such as the ability to ride certain Pokémon and use the Z to move.


Pokémon Ultra Moon ROM

The gameplay of Pokemon Ultra Moon is broken down into several key elements, including exploration, combat, and Pokemon management. Let's take a closer look at each element:

  • exploration: As a trainer, players explore the region of Alola based on the Hawaiian Islands. The game is set in a 3D world where players can move freely in all directions. They can interact with non-player characters (NPCs) to obtain information about the area, obtain items, or trigger events. Players can also visit different locations such as towns, cities, forests, beaches, and caves to find new Pokémon to catch and train.
  • fighting: Pokemon battles are a core gameplay mechanic in the series, and they also play a central role in Pokémon Ultimate Moon. Battles can be initiated by interacting with other trainers or encountering wild Pokémon in the Overworld. During battle, players choose moves for their Pokémon to use, which can have different effects, such as dealing damage, lowering an opponent's stats, or inflicting a status condition. The goal of the battle is to defeat all of your opponent's Pokémon without losing all of your own. Winning battles earns the player's Pokémon experience points, which can be used to level up and learn new moves.
  • Pokémon Management: In Pokemon Ultra Moon, players can catch and train over 400 different Pokemon. Each Pokémon has its own unique stats, abilities, and moves that can be customized by the player. As players progress through the game, they can evolve their Pokémon, which changes their appearance and stats. Players can also trade Pokémon with other players, or battle them online.

In addition to these core elements, Pokemon Ultra Moon also introduces several new features and improvements over the original Pokemon Moon game. These include:

  • new pokemon: Pokémon Ultimate Moon adds some new Pokémon to the game, including the mysterious Pokémon Zeraora.
  • Alola Form: The Alola form is a regional variant of an existing Pokémon, adapted to the unique environment of the Alola region. Their appearance and type differ from their counterparts in other regions.
  • Ultra Beast: Ultra Beast is a mysterious creature that invaded the Alola region. They can be captured and used in battle, but they are not considered traditional Pokémon.
  • totem sticker: Totem Stickers are collectibles scattered throughout the Alola region. Collecting them allows players to obtain special totem-sized Pokémon that they can use in battle.
  • Improved graphics: The graphics and animations of Pokémon Ultra Moon have been improved compared to the original game.

Overall, Pokemon Ultra Moon offers an engaging, immersive gaming experience that blends exploration, combat, and Pokemon management. With its new features and improvements, it offers a fresh perspective on the Alola region, delighting new and returning players alike.

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The game takes place in the Alola region, a tropical paradise consisting of four islands. Players take on the role of a young trainer aspiring to become the champion of the Alola Pokémon League. Along the way, players must collect and train Pokémon, battle other trainers, and thwart the plans of the evil organization Team Rainbow Rocket.

When the game starts, the player characters move to the Alola region and receive their first Pokémon from Professor Kukui. After a few battles and some exploration of the first island, players discover that Team Skeletons, a group of mischievous Pokémon trainers, are causing trouble in the area. Players then set out to stop the Skeletons and their leader, Guzma.

As players progress through the game, they encounter the mysterious Ultimate Recon Squad who have traveled to the Alola region from another dimension to investigate the strange and powerful creature Ultimate Beast threatening the safety of the region. Players help the Ultra Scouts investigate Ultra Beasts and eventually confront them in combat.

Later in the game, players discover that the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma has taken control of the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo or Lunara, depending on the version of the game being played. Players must then travel to another dimension to fight Necrozma and save the legendary Pokémon.

After the game, players will face off against the evil organization Rainbow Rocket, led by the infamous Giovanni from the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. Players will battle the leaders of previous Pokémon villain teams, including Cyrus from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Gages from Pokémon Black and White, and Pokémon X and Y in Lysander.

Overall, Pokemon Ultra Moon is an exciting adventure game that expands upon the original Pokemon Moon game, adding new story elements, characters, and gameplay features.


Pokémon Ultimate Moon is an enhanced version of Pokémon Sun/Moon that includes many new features and improvements over the original game. Some key features of Pokemon Ultimate Moon include:

  • Alternative Storyline: The storyline of Pokémon Ultimate Moon differs slightly from the original game, with new characters and events that expand the lore of the Alola region.
  • New Pokemon: The game includes new Pokémon not available in the original Sun and Moon games, as well as new forms of existing Pokémon.
  • new function: Ultra Moon includes new features like Mantine Surf, where players can ride Mantines and perform stunts to earn points and rewards.
  • expanded world: The Alola region has been expanded in Ultra Moon, with new areas to explore and new challenges to face.
  • IImproved Gameplay: Ultra Moon features improved game mechanics, such as the ability to use Z-Moves multiple times per battle, and a new Rotom Dex that provides helpful hints and advice.
  • Online features: Players can engage in online battles and trades, as well as participate in new online tournaments.

Getting Started with Pokemon Ultra Moon

The launcher for Pokémon Ultra Moon is the same as for Pokémon Sun and Moon. they are:

  • Rollett – Grass/flying starter Pokémon that evolves into Dartrix and then into Decidueye.
  • ignite – A fire-type entry-level Pokémon that can evolve into a Torah cat and then into a Fire Roar.
  • Poplius – A water-type entry-level Pokémon that can evolve into Briony and then Primarch.

At the beginning of your journey in Pokémon Ultimate Moon, you can choose from these three starter Pokémon.

Pokémon Ultimate Moon Guide

Chapter 1:

Welcome to Alora! After choosing your character and starting the game, you'll find yourself on a plane to the Alola region. After a brief cutscene, you'll land in the town of Haooli on the island of Mele Mele. Follow the on-screen prompts to meet your first Pokémon and fight your first opponent. Then, head to the Pokémon Center and treat your Pokémon. Then, explore the town and talk to the locals to learn more about the area.

chapter 2:

The island challenge begins After leaving Haooli City, you will meet the first trial captain, Ilimar. He'll invite you to island challenges, a series of tests you must complete to become a Pokémon master. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the trial of Ilima and get your first Z-Crystal.

Chapter 3:

Island Trials and Great Trials As you explore the Alola region, you'll meet other Trial Captains and Kahuna who will ask you to complete various challenges. Each island has its own set of trials, which you must complete to move on to the next island. After completing all Island Trials on a given island, you'll face Kahuna in a grand trial. Defeat Kahuna and advance to the next island.

Chapter 4:

Aether Foundation As you progress through the game, you'll encounter the mysterious Aether Foundation, a group of people dedicated to protecting Pokémon. The Aether Foundation will play an important role in the story, and you'll learn more about them as you progress.

Chapter 5:

The Ultimate Scouting Squad As you approach the end of the game, you'll encounter the Ultimate Scouting Squad, a group of beings from another dimension. They will play an important role in the story and help you understand the strange events that happened in Alola.

Chapter 6:

Fight Necrozma In the final chapter of the game, you will face Necrozma, a powerful Pokémon that has taken control of Ultra Wormhole. This fight is going to be challenging, so make sure you have a strong team and plenty of healing items.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Take your time to explore each island and talk to the locals. You will learn a lot about the area and its people.
  • Make sure to catch a variety of Pokémon to build a well-rounded team.
  • Use the Z move strategically in battle to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Keep your Pokémon healed and well-fed to make sure they're at their best in battle.
  • Visit the Pokémon Center often to heal your Pokémon and stock up on items.
  • Utilize the Poke Pelago feature to upgrade your Pokémon and grow berries.

Pokémon Ultimate Moon Illustrated Book

Pokémon Ultimate Moon illustrated book is as follows:

Column 1 column 2 column 3
Rollett ignite Poplius
Datrix Toracat Brionne
decidual eye Roaring fire Primarina
Pikipek Yungus crawler
Trumbic goo goo Krabominapur
toucan Grubin Ribosome
Grubin chajabug cute fly
chajabug He loves to quarrel togd pill
Yungus crawler Yayahisa
goo goo Krabominapur Molar color
Rada Lala Caterpillar
Yuan foot no butter Lediba
Music Code Spinarak Aliados
bhikkhu pikachu Lei Zhong
Clay Law Clayfield Clive Bull
iglibav fat man wigley tuff
Toothed big mouth bat he quack
Grimmer Mook Aroline Grimmer
Arolan Mook Digrit Dugetrio
Arolan Digglett Alora Dugetrio Meow meow
Alola Meow Persian Arora Persian
Psychedelic Duck godak Slowpoke
Slobro Dumb King Abra
kadabra Alakazam machope
machok Marchamp Tanta cool
tent brutal Geode stone breaker
golem pony fast
Slowpoke Slobro Dumb King
magnetite Magneto magnetic area
Grimmer (Alora) Mook (Alola) Coffin
respite Gastley ghost
Gengar Jolz hypnosis
Mr Mime Junkers King carp
Gyarados Laplace ditto
Ibrahimovic steam Layton
Fryon Espen Umbreon
Ye Feng Gracion Sylvan
Rocklough werewolf togd pill
Bangswaite Stini commemorate
ConocoPhillips Oranguru Pasimian
Wimbold long-legged Sandy Gast
Parosan Type: empty Silvalli
Minor Comala Turbine
togd pill Yayahisa Molar color
Drap Delmis long hair five
Bo Mao Wang hurry up magarna
Machado football naganadr
Star Kataka Blaise Fallon zero
Meltan Melmeta
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