Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth ROM

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Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth ROM
Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth ROM

You can download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM for 3ds emulator. This ROM file is for Citra and other 3ds emulators. To play this ROM on android, windows, mac and iPhone, an emulator is also required.

Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth ROM

  • document: pokemon super magic maze
  • comfort: Nintendo 3DS
  • type: role play
  • Simulator: Citra and 3ds emulators
  • area: Europe, America
  • platform: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows
  • Year: 2015

Download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM 3ds from below:

ROM download
Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth ROM download
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM USA download

Pokemon Super Mystery Maze 3ds Cia

Download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3ds Cia from below

CIA download
Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth Cia for Citra Simulator download

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pokemon super magic maze

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is a video game released in 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. It is part of the Mystery Dungeon series, a spin-off of the popular Pokemon series. In this game, players take on the role of Pokémon and explore randomly generated dungeons while fighting other Pokémon and collecting treasure.

The game has a variety of Pokémon to choose from as playable characters, including some of the most popular characters from previous Pokémon games. As players progress through the game, they encounter new Pokémon and recruit them to their team.


Pokémon super magic maze gameplay

The gameplay of Pokemon Super Mysterious Dungeon revolves around exploring dungeons and fighting other Pokemon. Players can choose from a variety of different Pokemon, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. As the game progresses, players encounter a variety of different Pokémon, some of which can be recruited into their team.

Battles in the game are turn-based battles, where players and their Pokémon take turns attacking and defending against enemy Pokémon. The game also includes a variety of different moves and abilities that can be used in combat, as well as a range of different items and power-ups that can be collected and used to help defeat opponents.

Throughout the game, players will also encounter a variety of different quests and quests, ranging from simple tasks like delivering items to more complex challenges like defeating powerful bosses. As players complete these tasks, they'll earn experience points and other rewards that can be used to improve Pokemon's stats and abilities.

Overall, Pokemon Mega Mystery Dungeon offers a deep and engaging gameplay experience that will appeal to casual and hardcore Pokemon fans alike. With randomly generated dungeons, tons of different Pokémon to discover and recruit, and an exciting turn-based combat system, the game offers players endless fun to explore and adventure.


“Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon” is a role-playing game developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by The Pokémon Company. The game tells the story of the player, who becomes a Pokémon who must traverse a series of dungeons and unravel the mysteries of the world they inhabit.

The game starts with the player character waking up in a world inhabited only by Pokémon. They quickly befriend their fellow Pokémon and form a team to explore the world and solve the mysteries of the dungeon. As they travel through the various dungeons, they encounter other Pokémon who may join their team or provide information about the world and its history.

As the game progresses, players and their teams uncover a sinister conspiracy involving legendary Pokémon that have all disappeared from the world. They also discover that the world is threatened by a powerful force that has the potential to destroy everything. Players and their teams must find a way to stop this force and save the world.

Throughout the game, players must collect treasure, battle other Pokémon, and solve puzzles to advance through the story. They also learn more about the history of the world and the role they and their fellow Pokémon play in saving the world.

In the end, players and their teams must face off against the ultimate villain and save the world from destruction. The game has multiple endings based on the choices the player makes throughout the story, adding to the replayability of the game.


Here are some features of this game:

  • play pokemon: You can choose to play as one of 20 playable Pokemon characters, including Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur.
  • Randomly generated dungeons: The game features randomly generated dungeons, ensuring that each playthrough is unique.
  • strategic turn-based combat: The game uses a turn-based combat system that requires careful strategy and planning to defeat your opponents.
  • Mega Evolution: Mega Evolution, a special feature introduced in Pokémon X and Y, returns in Super Mystery Dungeon.
  • Recruit other Pokémon: You can recruit other Pokémon to join your team by completing quests and fighting in dungeons.
  • Multiplayer Features: The game features local and online multiplayer modes, allowing you to team up with friends to explore dungeons and battle other players.
  • new abilities and actions: Super Mystery Dungeon introduces new abilities and moves that your Pokémon can learn.
  • 3D graphics: The game uses 3D graphics to bring the world of Pokemon to life in new ways.
  • captivating storyline: The game has an engaging storyline that explores the connection between Pokémon and their human companions.
  • post game content: There's tons of post-game content to enjoy, including new dungeons, quests, and legendary Pokemon to recruit.

Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth Walkthrough

Here's a walkthrough to help you on your journey:

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

You start the game as a human transformed into a Pokémon. You wake up in a strange world with no memory of who you are. You'll soon meet a Buddy Pokémon who will be your adventure companion. Together you set out to discover the secrets of this world.

Chapter 2 The Tranquil Village

Your first destination is Serenity Village, where you'll meet many other Pokémon and learn about the world. You'll also be introduced to the Adventure Society, a group of Pokémon who explore dungeons and uncover secrets.

Chapter 3: The Lively Town

Your next stop is Live Town, where you'll meet more Pokémon and receive your first quest from the Expedition Society. You need to explore nearby dungeons and find valuable treasures.

Chapter 4: Mysterious Dungeon

Now the real adventure begins! You'll need to explore many different dungeons, each filled with its own unique challenges and enemies. Along the way, you'll uncover the world's secrets and learn more about your past.

Chapter 5: The Legendary Pokémon

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter powerful Legendary Pokémon that will test your skills in battle. Defeating them will earn you valuable rewards and help you on your journey.

Chapter 6: Final fighting

After many challenges and adventures, you will reach the end of the game and face the ultimate challenge. You need to fight powerful enemies and use all your skills and abilities to achieve victory.

Getting Started with Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth

The starters in Pokemon Super Mysterious Labyrinth are:

  • pikachu
  • Rioglu
  • snive
  • oshawater
  • bank
  • endive
  • Sinda Quill
  • Totodal
  • Trico
  • torch
  • water sparrow
  • Turtwig
  • Chimchar
  • piplap
  • Sinks
  • Ibrahimovic

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of these sixteen Pokémon as your starter. Each of them has unique strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that best suits your playstyle!

Pokémon Super Mysterious Maze Illustrated Book

001. Frog Seed 034. Nidokin 067. Majok
002. Froggrass 035. Clayfield 068. Ma Shang
003. Frog Flower 036. Clive Bull 069. Trumpet Buds
004. Charmander 037. Six Tails 070. Weeping Bell
005. Fire Dragon 038. Nine Tails 071. Victor Triebel
006. Charizard 039. Fat 072. Cool touch
007. Squirtle 040. Wigley Tuff 073. Cruel temperature
008. Wart turtle 041. Teeth 074. Geode
009. Terrapins 042. Big Mouth Bat 075. The Crusher
010. Caterpillar 043. Weird 076. Golem
011. Yuan foot 044. Melancholy 077. Pony
012. Butterfly 045. Evil Feather 078. Fast
013. Weeds 046. Pallas 079. Goofy
014. Yes 047. Parasites 080. Slobro
015. Hummingbird 048. Venonat 081. Magnetite
016. Pochi 049. Poison Moth 082.Magnet
017. Bibi Bird 050. Digilites 083. Farage
018. Bibi Bird 051. Dugetrio 084. Peas
019. Lada 052. Meow Meow 085. Lactation
020. Pull 053. Persian 086.Rope
021. Spiro 054. Lost Duck 087. Dewgong
022. Ferro 055. Godak 088. Grimmer
023. Ekans 056. Manci 089. Mook
024. Albock 057. High quality water 090. Sheller
025. Pikachu 058. Growth 091. Crest
026. Raichu 059. Arkansas 092. Gastley
027. Mountain rat 060. Polyvag 093. Ghost
028. Sand Cut 061. Polly spin 094. Geng Gui
029. Nidolan♀ 062. Polyurethane 095. Agate
030. burnt 063. Abra 096. Zoltz
031. Queen Nido 064.Cadabra 097. Hypnosis
032. Nidolan♂ 065. Alakazam 098. Crab crab
033. Nidorino 066. Machop 099. King Le
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