Pokemon Phoenix Rise ROM – Download

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Pokemon Phoenix Rise ROM – Download
Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM

Pokémon: Phoenix Rise is available to download and play on Android and Windows. You can download the Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM from the window below.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM

  • document: Pokémon Phoenix rises
  • Developer: phoenix rise
  • language: English
  • latest update: 2023
  • platform: Android, Windows

Download the Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM from below:

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Pokemon Phoenix Rise ROM Part 1 download
Pokemon Phoenix Rise ROM Part 2 download

Pokémon Phoenix rises

Pokémon Phoenix Rise is a fan-made game based on the Pokémon franchise. It was created by a group of devoted fans using RPG Maker XP software. Set in Southeast Asia, the game features a new region called Hawthorne with new Pokémon, characters, and an all-new story.

The game is designed to be played on Windows and follows the traditional Pokémon gameplay style, with players exploring the area, capturing and training Pokémon, fighting other trainers, and collecting badges to challenge the Pokémon League.

Development on Pokémon Phoenix Rising began in 2015, and since then has attracted a legion of fans eagerly awaiting its release.


The story of “Pokémon Rise of the Pokemon Phoenix” takes place in the Hawthorne area, where a mysterious organization called “The Fortune Teller” is trying to revive an ancient and powerful Pokemon “Feng Wang”. The player characters, who have just moved to the area, are drawn into conflict when they discover a hidden power within them that allows them to communicate with Pokémon.

As players progress through the game, they meet a variety of characters and become their allies, including a scientist who is researching a cure for a deadly disease affecting Pokémon, a former member of Augur seeking redemption, and a gym leader who is battling past mistakes. .

Players must also grapple with complex social and political issues in the region, including discrimination against those with power like themselves and tensions between the Augur and Hawthorne governments.

Ultimately, players must face the fortune tellers and their plans to revive Ho-oh, while also facing their own inner demons and learning to use their powers responsibly.

Known for its mature themes and complex characters, the Pokémon Phoenix story has been praised by fans for its compelling plot and emotional depth.


Pokémon Phoenix Rising's gameplay follows the traditional formula of Pokémon RPG games, with players exploring the area, fighting other trainers, capturing and training Pokémon, and collecting badges to progress through the game.

The player character travels through the Hawthorne region, encountering various towns and cities, and exploring diverse environments such as forests, caves, and mountains. Along the way, they battle trainers, both gaining experience for their Pokémon and earning money to buy items.

In addition to the usual Pokémon battles, Pokémon Phoenix Rising includes new features such as the ability to use the player's unique powers to interact with the environment, and multiple endings throughout the game that are affected by player choices.

The game also features new original Pokémon designs, some of which have unique abilities and traits not seen in other Pokémon games.

A notable feature of Pokémon: Phoenix Rise is the inclusion of side quests and optional events that allow players to learn more about the area and its inhabitants, and uncover hidden secrets and treasures.

Overall, the gameplay of Pokémon Phoenix Rise combines familiar elements of the Pokémon series with new features and mechanics to create a unique and engaging experience for fans of the series.


Here are some features of Pokemon Phoenix Rising:

  • new area: The game takes place in a new region called Hawthorne, which is inspired by Southeast Asia.
  • ability: Pokémon Rise of the Phoenix uses an original story that explores mature themes and complex characters.
  • New Pokémon: The game introduces new and original Pokémon designs, some of which have unique abilities and characteristics not seen in other Pokémon games.
  • Unique Powers: Player characters possess unique powers that allow them to communicate with Pokémon and interact with the environment in new ways.
  • multiple endings: The game features multiple endings that are affected by the player's choices throughout the game.
  • Side missions: The game includes side quests and optional events that allow players to learn more about the area and its inhabitants, and discover hidden secrets and treasures.
  • New mechanics: Pokémon Phoenix Rise includes new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to ride certain Pokémon and use new types of items.
  • Take part in the battle: The game features challenging battles with Trainers and Wild Pokémon, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four.
  • custom made: Players can customize their character's appearance and choose their starting Pokémon.
  • Fan-made: Pokémon Phoenix Rising is a fan-made game created by a dedicated group of fans using RPG Maker XP software.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising debut

The original Pokémon in Pokémon Phoenix Rise are:

  • torch spirit: Fire attribute Pokémon, similar to a red bird. It has flames on its head and flames on its tail.
  • watercolor: A Water-type Pokémon that resembles a blue water creature with a white underbelly. It has a frill like a wave around its neck.
  • Nymph leaf: A Grass-type Pokémon that resembles a small, green, leafy creature. It has flowers on its head and a tail like a vine.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The game begins with the player character moving to Hawthorne, meeting new friends and discovering their unique powers.

Chapters 2-3: Players explore the area, battle other trainers, and collect their first badge.

Chapters 4-5: Players face challenges related to the region's political and social issues, and work with other characters to uncover the truth behind the Seer's plans.

Chapters 6-7: Players continue to explore the area, encounter new Pokémon and face tougher battles.

Chapters 8-9: Players face the fortune tellers and their plans to revive Ho-oh, while facing their own inner demons.

Chapters 10-11: Players must make choices that affect the game's multiple endings, and ultimately face the ultimate challenge of the Pokémon League.

Pokémon Phoenix rise illustration

Pokemon type describe ability
pikachu electrical A small yellow mouse-like Pokémon with red cheeks and a lightning tail. stationary
Charizard fire/fly A dragon-shaped Pokémon with orange scales, wings, and a flaming tail. flame
jellyfish water A turtle-like Pokémon with a large water cannon on its back. torrent
Frog Seeds grass/poison A small, green, plant-like Pokémon with a bulb on its back that releases seeds. overgrown
Gyarados water/fly A snake-shaped Pokémon with blue scales, a white underbelly, and a wide open mouth. intimidate
dragon stone dragon/fly A large bipedal dragon-like Pokémon with orange wings and a cream-colored underbelly. inner focus
snorax normal A large, sleepy, bear-like Pokémon with blue fur and a white underbelly. thick fat
Mew-two Spirit A powerful genetically engineered Pokémon with purple fur and a long, segmented tail. pressure
Scissors bug/steel A Beetle-like Pokémon with red and silver colors and large scissor-like pincers. technician
Tyrannosaurus rex rock/dark A large dinosaur-like Pokémon with black rock armor and a row of spikes on its back. sand flow
Galdeva Psychic/Fairy A white and green humanoid Pokémon with a suit-like lower body and superpowers. trace
lucario Fighting/Steel A bipedal dog-like Pokémon with blue and black fur, spikes on its front paws, and a graspable tail. inner focus
salamans dragon/fly A dragon-like Pokémon with blue and red colors, huge wings, and a long, pointed tail. intimidate
Gachop Dragon/Earth A bipedal, shark-like Pokémon that is blue and red in color and has huge blade-like fins on its arms. sand veil
Zoroak dark A fox-like Pokémon with red and black colors and the ability to create illusions. illusion
Sylvan Fairy A four-legged bunny-like Pokémon with pink and white fur and the ability to manipulate ribbons. cute charm
decidual eye grass/ghost A green and white owl-like Pokémon that shoots arrow-like feathers from its wings. overgrown
Kovic Knight flight/steel A crow-like Pokémon that has black and silver colors and is able to transport people with its large claws. pressure
toxicity electricity / poison A humanoid Pokémon with purple and yellow colors and the ability to emit music from its body. punk rock
cinderella fire A bipedal, rabbit-like Pokémon with white and orange colors and the ability to use powerful kicks. flame

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