Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM: 3ds and CIA, Free Download

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Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM – 3ds and CIA Download
The Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM is available for download for the 3ds emulator. You can also download the Pokemon Omega Ruby CIA file for the Citra emulator below. If you play the files in the emulator, they will work fine on Android, Windows, Mac, and iPhone.


Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM

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  • document: Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM
  • comfort: Nintendo 3DS
  • type: role play
  • area: Europe, America
  • platform: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows


Free Download

You can Download Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM 3ds for free:


Pokemon Omega Ruby 3ds Cia

Download directly the Pokemon Omega Ruby 3ds Cia:


Pokemon Omega Ruby

Pokémon Omega Ruby is a 2014 role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. It is a remake of the 2002 Game Boy Advance game Pokémon Ruby.


The game is set in the Hoenen region, and the player takes the role of a young trainer on a journey to become a Pokémon master. The game features updated graphics, new features and game mechanics, and new mega-evolutions for some Pokémon.


In Omega Ruby, players can capture, battle and trade Pokémon, as well as engage in online battles with other players around the world. The game also has a new feature called “Delta Episode,” which involves a storyline about a mysterious asteroid threatening the region.


The Gameplay

Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM

The gameplay in Pokémon Omega Ruby is similar to other Pokémon games in the series. The player assumes the role of a Pokémon trainer who must capture and train various Pokémon creatures to battle other trainers and their Pokémon. The game takes place in the Hoenen region, which features new Pokémon to catch and train, as well as updated graphics and game mechanics.


One of the new features in Pokémon Omega Ruby is the ability to fly on the backs of certain Pokémon, allowing players to explore the Hoenn region from a new perspective. The game also includes a mega evolution mechanic that allows certain Pokémon to transform into more powerful forms during battle.


In addition to the main story mode, Pokémon Omega Ruby includes various multiplayer modes, including local and online battles, and the ability to trade Pokémon with other players.


Overall, Pokémon Omega Ruby is a fun and engaging game that’s sure to appeal to longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike.


The storyline

In Pokemon Omega Ruby, players take on the role of a young trainer on a journey to become the best Pokemon trainer in the Hoenen region. The game is a remake of the original Pokemon Ruby game, released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance.


The story begins with the player characters moving to the town of Littleroot, where they receive their first Pokémon from Professor Birch. The player’s opponent, Brendan or May, also receives a Pokémon from the professor, and the two embark on their own journeys.


As players travel through the area, they encounter various gym leaders and trainers, who must be defeated in battle to earn the gym badge. The ultimate goal is to collect all eight Gym Badges and participate in the Pokémon League, where they will face off against the Elite Four and the Champion.


Along the way, players must also thwart the plans of two nefarious organizations: Team Magma and Team Aqua. Team Magma seeks to expand the land by waking the Legendary Pokémon Groudon, while Team Aqua seeks to expand the oceans by waking the Legendary Pokémon Kyoga.


Players must stop the two teams from carrying out their plans, and eventually discover that the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza has the ability to calm Groudon and Kyoga. With the help of Rayquaza, players are able to stop Magma and Aqua, two Legendary Pokémon from returning to their slumbers.


In the end, players will face off against the semi-finalist and champion Steven Stone. After defeating them, the player becomes the new champion of the Hoenn region. The game also features a post-game storyline involving the Delta Episode, in which players must save the world from a meteoroid and encounter the legendary Pokemon Deoxys.



Pokémon Omega Ruby is a remake of the original Pokémon Ruby game made for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in 2014. Here are some features of Pokémon Omega Ruby:

Updated graphics: The game features updated graphics that take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS to provide a visually enhanced gaming experience.

super evolved: One of the biggest new features in Pokémon Omega Ruby is the introduction of Mega Evolutions. Certain Pokémon can temporarily transform into new, more powerful forms during battle, providing a strategic advantage.

soar in the sky: Players can ride on the back of Latios or Latias, fly in the Hoenn area, explore new areas and reach places that were previously unreachable.

Secret base: Players can create their own secret bases in different locations in the game world, decorate them with furniture and invite friends to visit.

Pokémon Contest Showr: A new feature in the game is the Pokémon Contest Spectacular, where players can showcase their Pokémon’s abilities in various competitions, such as dances and fashion shows.

Delta plot: After completing the main story, players can unlock a new storyline called “Delta Episode,” which features new characters and challenges.

Battle front: Battle Frontier, a popular feature from the original Pokémon Ruby game, returns in Pokémon Omega Ruby. This is a post-match challenge that pits players against powerful Trainers in various combat formats.

online function: Players can connect online to battle and trade with other players around the world, as well as participate in special online events and competitions.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough

Welcome to the Pokemon Omega Ruby walkthrough! In this game, you will travel across the Hoenen region, capture and train Pokémon, and fight Gym Leaders and Elite Four to become the Pokémon Champion. let’s start!


Chapter One: The Town of Littleroot

After choosing a gender and naming your character, you’ll start the game in the town of Littlegen. Before you receive your first Pokémon from Professor Birch, your mother will give you a quick tour of the town. Choose between Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip and start your adventure!


Chapter 2 Route 101 and Aldair

Travel across Route 101, fighting trainers and wild Pokémon along the way. You’ll reach the town of Aldair, where you can heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and buy items at the Pokémon Market. Don’t forget to talk to the local residents to learn more about the town and its history.


Chapter 3 Route 103 and Petaburg

Head north on Route 103, fighting your opponents along the way. You’ll arrive in the city of Petarburg, where you’ll meet Norman, the first gym leader. His team consists of Normal-type Pokémon, so make sure you have one or two strong Fighting-type Pokémon on your team.


Chapter 4 Route 104 and the City of Roostboro

Head east on Route 104 to Rustboro City. Along the way, you’ll encounter Team Magma or Team Water, depending on your version of the game. In the city of Rastaborough, you will face Roxanne, the second Gym Master.

Her team consists of Rock-type Pokémon, so bring Water, Grass-type, and Fighting-type Pokémon to fight them.


Chapter 5 Route 116 and Cuicao Town

Go through Route 116 and Combat Trainer to the town of Verdanturf. Here you can heal your Pokémon, buy items, and take part in side quests to help Wally catch his first Pokémon.


Chapter 6 Route 110 and Moville

Go south on Highway 110 to the city of Moville. Along the way, you’ll again face Team Magma or Team Water. In Morville City, you’ll face the third gym leader, Watson. His team consists of Electric-type Pokémon, so bring Ground-type Pokémon to fight them.


Chapter 7 Route 117 and the Verdant Gymnasium

Return to the town of Verdanturf and challenge the Verdanturf Gym. Gym curator Roxanne has a team of Poison Pokémon. Use psychic or ground types against them.


Chapter 8 Route 111 and the Fire Road

Take Highway 111 and the Fiery Road to the town of Ravarige. Along the way, you’ll again encounter Team Magma or Team Water. In the town of Ravarich, you will face the fourth gym leader, Flannery. Her team consists of Fire-type Pokémon, so bring Water-type, Rock-type, and Ground-type Pokémon to fight them.


Chapter 9: Route 112 and Iron Blood

The pass crosses Route 112 and the Sawtooth Pass to the next town. Along the way, you’ll again encounter Team Magma or Team Water.


Chapter 10 Route 113 and Farrborough

Follow Highway 113 to the town of Farrbor. Here, you can heal your Pokemon, buy items, and take part in side quests that help local scientists gather data about Pokemon in the area.


Chapter 11 Route 114 and the Falling Meteor

Fall to reach the next town. Along the way, you’ll again encounter Team Magma or Team Water.


Chapter 12 Route 115 and Fortree

Take Highway 115 to Fortree City. Along the way, you’ll meet the mysterious Devon Company employee who keeps popping up throughout your journey. In Fordleigh, you’ll face the fifth Gym Master, Winona. Her team consists of Flying-type Pokémon, so bring Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type Pokémon to fight them.


Chapter 13 Route 120 and Lily Cove

Take Highway 120 to Lilycove City. Along the way, you’ll again encounter Team Magma or Team Water. In Lilikov City, you can buy items, compete in Pokémon Arena matches, and challenge the local gym leaders Tate and Lisa. Their teams consist of Psychic-type Pokémon, so bring Dark-type and Ghost-type to fight them.


Chapter 14: Route 121 and Wildlife Areas

Take Highway 121 to Wildlife Area. Here you can catch rare and exotic Pokémon. You can also take part in side quests and help local rangers protect wildlife areas from magma or water teams.


Chapter 15: Route 122 and Cremation Hill

Take Route 122 to Cremation Hill. Here, you will again encounter Team Magma or Team Water. You’ll also encounter the spirits of deceased Pokémon and face off against the leader of the evil team.


Chapter 16 Route 123 and the City of Sutopolis

Take Highway 123 to Sootopolis. Along the way, you’ll meet Zinnia, the mysterious Pokémon trainer. In the city of Sutopolis, you’ll face the seventh gym leader, Wallace or Juan, depending on your version of the game. Their teams are made up of Water-type Pokémon, so bring Electric and Grass-type Pokémon to fight them.


Chapter 17 Yuandong and Route 126

Go through the Cave of Origin and Route 126 to the next town. Here, you’ll meet the climax of the game’s story and face off against legendary Pokemon, Groudon, or Kyoka, depending on your version of the game.


Chapter 18 Route 127 and Hengxiong City

Go to Hengxiong City along Highway 127. Along the way, you’ll meet the Elite Four, the toughest trainers in the game. In Ever Grande City, you can heal your Pokémon and buy items before going head-to-head with the Elite Four.


Chapter 19: Final Four and Champion

Challenge the final four and face off against the champion of the Pokémon League. Make sure your Pokémon are at their strongest and that you have multiple types on your team against one of each type’s Elite Four members. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll be declared the new Pokémon Champion of the Hoenen region!


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