Pokemon Light Platinum – ROM Download

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Pokemon Light Platinum – ROM Download
Pokémon Light Platinum ROM

Pokemon Light Platinum is available to download and play on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the Pokemon Light Platinum ROM below and it will work on the NDS emulator.

Pokémon Light Platinum ROM

  • document: Pokémon Light Platinum
  • author: Wesley FG
  • game base: Pokemon Ruby (English)
  • release date: October 27, 2008
  • Newest renew: 2023
  • status: fully
  • comfort:NDS
  • simulator: NDS Emulator
  • platform: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux

Download the Pokemon Light Platinum ROM from below:

ROM download
Pokémon Light Platinum ROM download

Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum is a ROM hack for the Pokemon Ruby version of the game. Created by WesleyFG, it has a new area called Zhery with new gyms, pokemon and characters. The game also includes the ability to catch Legendary Pokémon from previous games.

The game's plot involves the player character traveling through the Reli region, battling the gym leaders and finally challenging the elite foursome. Along the way, they encounter a criminal organization called Team Steam, which is plotting to take over the area.

Known for its high-quality graphics and gameplay, Pokémon Lightning Platinum has gained a lot of popularity among Pokémon fans. However, it's worth noting that playing ROM hacks isn't always legal and can harm your computer. Before downloading and playing any ROM hack, it's best to research and understand the risks.


The story of “Pokémon Lightning Platinum” takes place in the new area of ​​​​Jerry, where the player character embarks on a journey to become a Pokémon master. Along the way, they encounter a criminal organization called Team Steam, which is trying to use the power of the legendary Pokemon to take over the area.

The player characters begin their journey in the small town of Central City, where they receive their first Pokémon from Pokémon researcher Professor Jasmine. They're then tasked with traversing the area, collecting badges from various gyms, and eventually taking on an elite foursome.

As the player characters progress through the game, they encounter several new characters, including the antagonist character Barry, who is also on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. They also meet a young girl named Lauren who is looking for her missing father.

However, the biggest threat to the region is the Steam team led by its leader, Dr. Lauren. The team is keen to capture Legendary Pokémon and use their powers to take over the area. The player characters must thwart the plans of members of the Steam team by defeating them and stopping their plans.

Throughout the game, the player character also encounters several Legendary Pokémon, including Meow, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. They must capture these legendary Pokémon to prevent Team Steam from acquiring their powers and using them for evil.

Finally, the player character will fight the leader of Team Steam, Dr. Lauren, in a final battle to save the region from his evil plans. After defeating Dr. Lauren, the player character becomes the champion of the Jerry region and achieves his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master.


The gameplay of Pokémon Light Platinum is similar to other mainline Pokémon games. The player controls the character and traverses the area from a top-down perspective, encountering wild Pokémon and trainers along the way. The game features turn-based combat where players choose moves for their Pokémon to fight against opponents.

One of the main features of Pokémon Light Platinum is the ability to catch legendary Pokémon from previous games. During their journey, players can meet and capture legendary Pokémon such as Megumi, Lugia, and Hooh.

The game also introduces new Pokemon not found in the original Pokemon Ruby game. These new Pokemon include fan-made Pokemon as well as Pokemon from subsequent generations of the main series of games.

Players can collect badges by defeating gym leaders in battle. Each badge allows the player to use certain abilities outside of combat, such as using Surf to drive on water or using Power to move large rocks in the way.

The game also has a new storyline involving the evil organization Team Steam. Players must defeat Team Steam and stop their plans to take over the area.

Overall, Pokemon Light Platinum offers a unique gaming experience that includes new Pokemon, features, and storylines not found in the original Pokemon Ruby game.


Pokemon Light Platinum has several unique elements that set it apart from the original Pokemon Ruby game. Here are some key features:

  • new area: The game takes place in the new region of Heat, with new towns, cities, and routes to explore.
  • new pokemon: The game introduces several new Pokémon that weren't in the original game, including fan-made Pokémon and later-generation Pokémon.
  • Legendary Pokémon: Players can catch legendary Pokémon from previous games, such as Meow, Lugia, and Ho-Oh.
  • Gym Leader: The game features new gym leaders that you can fight and defeat to collect badges and progress through the game.
  • Team Steam: The evil organization Team Steam has a new storyline that players must complete in order to save the region from their evil plans.
  • Games: Pokemon Light Platinum offers a variety of mini-games that players can participate in, including a casino where they can play slot machines to win prizes.
  • improved graphics: The game has high-quality graphics and animations that make it visually appealing to players.
  • new role: Players will meet new characters during their journey, including antagonist character Barry and Lauren, a young girl who is searching for her missing father.
  • update mechanism: The game includes updated mechanics such as new moves and abilities to enhance the gameplay.

Pokémon Light Platinum Starter Model

In Pokémon Light Platinum, players can choose from three starting Pokémon at the beginning of the game. Here are the options to get started:

  • endive: Chicory is a Grass-type Pokémon with leaves on its head. It is known for its gentle personality and ability to use powerful grass-type moves.
  • Sinda Quill: Cyndaquil is a Fire Pokémon with flames on its back. It is known for its fiery personality and ability to use powerful fire moves.
  • Totodal: Saw Alligator is a Water-type Pokémon with sharp teeth and claws. It is known for its playful nature and ability to use powerful water moves.

Each starter Pokémon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and players should consider their playstyle and type of preference before making a choice. Additionally, players can acquire other Pokémon throughout the game to balance their team and create a well-rounded roster.

Pokemon Lightning Platinum Walkthrough

Chapter 1 Central City

  • Start the game in Central City and meet Professor Jasmine, she will give you your first Pokémon
  • Explore the town and get a map of the area
  • Fight your rival Barry and head to Route 401

Chapter 2: Merson City

  • Explore Route 401 and the combat trainers along the way
  • Arrive in Merson City and defeat Gym Leader Lauren to get your first badge
  • Get a bike and explore the rest of the city

Chapter 3: The Lauren Alliance

  • Go to the next city of Oroburg, defeat the Gym Master Daniel, and get the second badge
  • Explore the city and learn about Team Steam's plan to capture legendary Pokemon
  • Go to Sunshore and defeat Gym Leader Flint to get your third badge
  • Get HM Surf and head to the hidden waterfall cave to catch the legendary Pokémon Mew

Chapter 4: Lycian City

  • Go to Lycia City and defeat Gym Leader Jenny to get the fourth badge
  • Fight your opponent Barry in a dual battle and gain HM power
  • Head to Zephyr Town and catch the legendary Pokémon Lugia

Chapter 5: Skeena City

  • Go to Skeena City and defeat Gym Leader Faulkner to get the fifth badge
  • Explore the city and learn more about the Team Steam program
  • Get the HM Fly and head to Mount Shuem to catch the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh

Chapter 6: The Derry Alliance

  • Go to Syracuse and defeat Gym Leader Candice to get the sixth badge
  • Head to Sunshore City and fight the Steam team at their base
  • Head to the Zhery League and defeat the Elite Four to become champion of the region

Chapter 7: After the game

  • Return to Central City and explore the rest of the area
  • Catch other Legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo and Celebi
  • Fight stronger trainers at the front of the battle

Pokémon Light Platinum Illustration

# Pokemon type evolution Basic Information
001 Frog Seeds grass/poison Froggrass, Venusosaurus A small four-legged Pokémon with a light bulb on its back that emits an aromatic scent
004 Charmander fire fire dragon, fire-breathing dragon A bipedal reptile Pokémon with a flaming tail
007 Squirrel water warty turtle A small turtle-like Pokémon with a shell on its back and water cannons on its arms
025 pikachu electrical Lei Zhong A small mouse-like Pokémon with electricity and red cheeks
032 Nidolan (female) poison Nidorina, Queen Nido A small four-legged Pokémon with horns on its head and poisonous spikes on its back
037 six tails fire nine tails Fox-like Pokémon with six tails and the ability to manipulate fire
052 Meow meow normal Persian Cat-like Pokémon with the ability to learn paydays and collect money
063 Abra Spirit Kadabra, Alakazam A small humanoid Pokémon with psychic powers and the ability to teleport away from danger
066 machope struggle Machak, Machap A muscular Pokémon capable of lifting heavy objects and learning powerful fighting moves
072 Tanta cool water/poison tent brutal A jellyfish-like Pokémon with poisonous tentacles and the ability to swim in the ocean
079 Slowpoke water/mind Slobro Slow-moving Pokémon with a pink body and the ability to learn telekinesis
084 Dodo normal/flight breastfeeding Two-headed bird Pokémon with high-speed running ability
095 agate rock/ground Stillix A large snake-like Pokémon made of rock with the ability to burrow underground
111 rhino horn ground/rock armored rhino Rhinoceros-like Pokémon with horns on its nose and rock armor
133 Ibrahimovic normal Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon Adorable, fox-like Pokémon capable of evolving into different forms
147 Delatini dragon Dragon Dragon, Dragon Dragon A small snake-shaped Pokémon with blue skin that can learn powerful dragon-like moves
151 Meow Psychic not applicable A mysterious Pokémon said to have the DNA of all other Pokémon and the ability to learn any move
243 Raimitsu electrical not applicable The legendary dog ​​Pokémon with the ability to create thunderstorms
249 Rogia Psychic/flying not applicable A legendary bird Pokémon with the ability to calm rough seas and create strong winds
Chapter 251 celebrity Psychic/grass not applicable Mythical Pokémon That Are Said To Travel Through Time And Heal The Environment

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