Pokemon Heart Gold ROM & Emulator Free Download

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Pokemon Heart Gold ROM – Download

Pokemon HeartGold ROM will run on any Nintendo DS emulator. You can play ROM files on PC, Android and iPhone.


This is the ROM file for HeartGold. No need to have an actual game cartridge. This game is no longer supported or updated by the company. Therefore, some developers developed this version using emulators.


Pokemon Heart Gold ROM

Pokemon Heart Gold ROM

  • document: Pokemon Heart Gold ROM
  • comfort: Office for National Statistics
  • type: role play
  • area: Europe, America
  • platform: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows


Download the Pokemon HeartGold ROM:

ROM File  download
Pokemon Heart Gold Edition ROM download
Pokemon Heart Gold ROM [Europe, USA] download
Pokemon Heart Gold ROM Japan download

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Download Pokemon Heart Gold Emulator

Emulator type download
Emulator for PC download
Emulator for Android download
Emulator for iPhone download


Setting up and Installation Guide

After downloading the Pokemon Heart Gold ROM and emulator, follow the guide to play the game.

  1. Download the Nintendo DS emulator and HeartGold ROM from the link above.
  2. Install an emulator on your device.
  3. Now copy the ROM files into the folder.
  4. Open the emulator and open the ROM file from this folder.
  5. Open the game and play a bit.


Pokemon Heart Gold

Pokémon HeartGold is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. The game was released in Japan in 2009 and in other regions in 2010. The game is a remake of the 1999 Game Boy Color game Pokemon Gold, and features updated graphics, sounds, and game mechanics.


In Pokemon HeartGold, players take on the role of a young trainer who embarks on a journey across the Johto region to capture and train Pokémon, battle other trainers, and collect badges to participate in Pokémon alliance. The game also includes a number of new features and improvements, such as the ability to have Pokemon follow the player character, as well as new mini-games and challenges.


The Story

In the game, the player takes the role of a young trainer and embarks on a journey to become the strongest Pokémon trainer in the Johto area. Players begin their journey in the town of New Bark, where they are given their first Pokémon by Professor Elm. Players then travel across the Johto region, battling gym leaders to earn badges, and compete to become champions in the Pokémon League.

Along the way, players encounter an evil organization known as Team Rocket, who are up to old Pokémon tricks and causing trouble. Players must stop Team Rocket’s plans and put an end to their evil plans.

The game also features an expanded storyline involving the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh and Lugia, and adds the Battle Front, a new facility where players battle powerful trainers.

As players progress through the game, they encounter various new Pokémon and can capture them to add to their team. The game also features a connection to the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum game, allowing players to trade Pokemon and battle other players.

Overall, Pokemon Hearts Gold is a thrilling adventure in which players can devote hours and hours as they explore the Johto area, battle fierce opponents, and capture various Pokemon.


Abut The Gameplay

Pokemon Hearts Gold Game Screenshots

Gameplay in Pokemon Heart Gold follows the same basic structure as other Pokemon games, with the player taking on the role of a young trainer who must capture, train, and battle various Pokemon creatures in order to become the champion of the Johto region.

Players start the game by choosing a starting Pokémon from three available options: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. Players then embark on a journey through the Johto region, battling other trainers, capturing wild Pokémon, and exploring various towns and cities along the way.

One of the unique features of Pokemon Heart Gold is the inclusion of the “PokeWalker” accessory, a pedometer that allows players to transfer their Pokemon from the game to the device and take them for walks in the real world. As players walk, their Pokémon will gain experience points and other rewards.

As players progress through the game, they encounter gym leaders who must be defeated to earn badges. These badges are required to challenge for the Final Four and Johto Regional Championships. Along the way, players will also encounter Team Rocket, an evil organization with malicious intentions and evil intentions, who must be stopped.

In addition to the main storyline, there are various side quests and activities available in Pokemon Heart Gold, such as participating in Pokemon tournaments, visiting the Battle Frontier, and even catching rare Legendary Pokemon creatures.

Overall, Pokemon Heart Gold’s gameplay is engaging, challenging, and fun for new and old Pokemon fans alike.


Game Feature

Some features of Pokémon HeartGold are:

  1. improved graphics: Compared to the original “Pokemon Gold” game, “Pokemon HeartGold” features enhanced graphics and sound, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo DS platform.
  2. Elven Walker: A new feature in Pokemon HeartGold is the Pokewalker, the pedometer accessory that comes with the game. Players can transfer one of their Pokémon to Pokewalker, which will count their steps and earn experience points and other rewards.
  3. Gym Leaders and Final Four: The Gym Leader and Elite Four from the original Pokemon Gold game have been updated and given new Pokemon to make them even more challenging.
  4. Battle front: Battle Frontier is a new post-game feature in Pokemon HeartGold. This is a facility where players can battle powerful trainers and earn special rewards.
  5. pokemon follow: In “Pokémon HeartGold”, players can have one of their Pokémon follow them outside of the Poké Ball, just like in “Pokémon Yellow”.
  6. wireless network function: Pokemon HeartGold features WiFi connectivity, allowing players to trade Pokemon online and battle other players.
  7. New areas and characters: Pokemon HeartGold features new areas and characters not found in the original Pokemon Gold game, giving players even more to explore.
  8. Coach Card: The Trainer Card in Pokemon HeartGold has been updated to display more information about the player’s progress in the game, including the number of badges and the number of captured Pokemon.


Getting Started with Pokemon HeartGold

The three starting Pokemon available in Pokemon Heart Gold are:

  1. endive – A Grass-type Pokémon that evolves into Bay Leaf, which then evolves into Euphorbia. It focuses on defense and special defenses.
  2. Sinda Quill – A Fire-type Pokémon that evolves into Quilava, which then evolves into Typhlosion. It focuses on speed and special attacks.
  3. Totodal – A water-type Pokémon that evolves into a crocodile, then evolves into Filarigat. It focuses on offense and defense.

Each starter has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your playstyle and complements the rest of your team.


Pokemon HeartGold Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Begin Your Journey

You start from your home town of New Buck.

Receive your starter Pokémon from Professor Elm: Cyndaquil, Totodile, or Chikorita.

Visit your friend’s house and fight him.

Head to Route 29 and start catching Pokemon.

Go to Cherry Grove City and get the running shoes.


Chapter 2: Faulkner’s Gym

Go to Violet City and defeat the trainer at Bud Tower.

Fight Gym Leader Faulkner and earn the Zephyr Badge.


Chapter 3 Union Cave and Rhododendron Town

Travel through the joint caves and catch new Pokémon.

Get to Azalea Town and help Kurt get rid of Slowpoke Rocket’s grunts.

Fight Gym Leader Bagsey to earn the Hive Badge.


Chapter 4 Yellow Flower City

Travel to Yijin and explore the city.

Visit the radio tower and stop Team Rocket from taking over.

Fight Whitney at the gym and earn common badges.

Get the Spray Bottle from the Flower Shop and use it to wake up Sudoudo who is blocking the way to Ekrutek City.


Chapter 5: Iklutec City

Visit the kimono dance theater and fight the trainers.

Fight Gym Leader Morty to earn the Mist Badge.

Explore the burnt tower and fight the legendary Pokémon Suicune.


Chapter 6 Redwood Town

Head to Rosewood and explore the town.

Fight the Trainer in the Lake of Rage to capture or defeat the Red Gyarados.

Infiltrate Team Rocket’s hideout and stop their plans to take control of the radio tower.

Fight Gym Leader Price to earn the Glacial Badge.


Chapter 7: Blackthorn City

Travel to Blackthorn and explore the city.

Train your Pokemon and upgrade them for gym battles.

Fight Gym Leader Claire to earn the Rising Badge.

Get the HM of the waterfall and use it to navigate the way to victory.


Chapter 8 The Road to Victory and the Final Four

Walk through the road to victory and fight trainers.

Reach the Indigo Plateau and enter the Pokémon League.

Fight the Elite Four and Champion Lance.

Become the new Pokemon League Champion!


Chapter 9: Post-match content

Return to Kanto and fight gym leaders in gyms in Pewter, Cerulean, Vermillion and other cities.

Explore safari areas and catch new Pokémon.

Combat Red, the strongest trainer in the game, is located on the top of Silver Mountain.


Chapter 10: Battlefront

After becoming the Pokémon League Champion, head to Battle Frontier, located in the Johto area.

Battle cutting edge brains and earn Battle Points (BP).

Use BP to buy items and improve your team.

Defeat all seven Frontier Brains and become a Frontier Brain yourself.


Chapter 11: The Legendary Pokémon

Catch the legendary Pokémon Lugia in the Whirlpool Islands.

Catch the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh atop the clock tower in Ekrutek City.

Catch three legendary dogs: Raiko, Entei and Suicune.


Chapter 12: Pokewalkers

Connect your game to the Pokewalker device.

Transfer Pokemon to the device and walk to accumulate watts.

Use Watts to catch new Pokémon or acquire items.


Chapter 13: Wi-Fi Plaza

Connect to Wi-Fi and visit Wi-Fi Plaza.

Play mini games with other players and earn points.

Use points to buy items or participate in other activities.


Chapter 14: Miracle Almighty

Head to a national park and take part in a Pokeathlon.

Compete in various events and earn athlete points.

Use player points to buy items or improve your team.


Chapter 15: Wildlife Areas

Visit Joto’s wildlife area and catch new Pokémon.

Use special balls like hunting balls to catch Pokémon.

Use lures and rocks to attract or repel Pokémon.


This is a general chapter walkthrough for Pokemon HeartGold. Remember, there are many side quests, hidden objects, and other things to discover throughout the game, so be sure to explore thoroughly and have fun on your journey to become the Champion of the Pokemon League. Exceed!


Pokemon heart gold illustration

endive – A Grass-type Pokémon that uses the leaves on its head to sense danger and detect changes in temperature.

Sinda Quill – A fire-type Pokémon that can shoot flames from its back and often appears in hot volcanic areas.

Totodal – A water-type Pokémon that uses its powerful jaws to crush anything that gets in its way.

Piggy – A normal/flying type Pokémon known for its keen eyesight and ability to fly over long distances.

Marip – An Electric-type Pokémon that has electricity stored in its wool and can shock opponents with static electricity.

Hopip – Grass-type/Flying-type Pokémon, which is so light that it floats even in the slightest breeze.

Toothed – A Poison/Flying Pokémon that uses echolocation to navigate the dark and find prey.

Geodude – A Rock/Ground type Pokémon that is so tough that it can withstand even the strongest attacks.

King carp – A water-type Pokémon with weak combat power, but can evolve into a powerful Gyarados.

Sudama – A Rock-type Pokémon that disguises itself as a tree to avoid being attacked.

snable – Fairy-type Pokémon, tough on the outside but gentle on the inside.

tediusa – Normal Pokémon who likes to climb trees and eat honey.

hound – A Dark/Fire Pokémon that is very loyal to its trainers and will stop at nothing to protect them.

Smokum – Ice-type/Necro-type Pokémon, known for their cute looks and playful nature.

Yanma – An insect/flying type Pokémon that is incredibly fast and can fly at high speeds.

Natu – Psychic/flying type Pokémon with high powers of observation and can predict future events.

Mariel – A water/fairy-type Pokémon that has a soft, bouncy tail for balance.

Wooper – Water/Land type Pokémon, often appear near bodies of water, and can dive deep underwater.

sink – Grass-type Pokémon, which are tiny seed Pokémon that grow into powerful sunflowers.

Dunspass – A normal-type Pokémon known for its long, snake-like body and ability to burrow underground.


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