List of TVET colleges across South Africa

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List of TVET colleges across South Africa

Are you looking to further your education and gain practical skills that can lead to a successful career? Look no further than Technical and Vocational Education and Training TVET colleges across South Africa. These institutions offer a variety of courses in fields such as engineering, hospitality, business management, agriculture, and more. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of TVET colleges across different provinces in South Africa. Whether you’re based in the Western Cape or KwaZulu-Natal, there’s bound to be a TVET college near you offering courses that align with your interests and career goals. Let’s dive into the list!


TVET College in the Western Cape

The Western Cape is home to some of the most reputable TVET colleges in South Africa, offering a range of certificate and diploma courses. False Bay College is one such institution with campuses located across the province. The college offers courses in areas such as engineering studies, creative arts and design, hospitality and tourism, business studies, safety in society and more.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is another notable TVET college based in the Western Cape with its main campus situated in Cape Town. CPUT offers various faculties including engineering, management sciences, health & wellness sciences among others.

West Coast College also serves students across different towns within the region. Courses offered include electrical infrastructure construction; hospitality services; hairdressing & beauty therapy among other technical skills training programmes.

Whether you’re looking to study full-time or part-time while working or engaging apprenticeship opportunities around your area – there’s definitely a suitable option for everyone interested!


TVET College in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape province of South Africa is home to a number of TVET colleges that offer technical and vocational education. These colleges aim to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce or pursue further studies.

One such college is Eastcape Midlands College, which has campuses in Uitenhage, Graaff-Reinet, Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth. This college offers courses in fields such as engineering studies, business studies, hospitality and tourism, information technology and safety in society.

Another TVET college located in the Eastern Cape is Ingwe TVET College. With its main campus situated in Lusikisiki, this institution aims to provide quality vocational training that responds effectively to industry needs. The college offers programmes ranging from engineering studies to tourism and hospitality.

Further east lies King Hintsa TVET College which serves Butterworth townships as well as surrounding rural areas through three campuses at Gwadana (Butterworth), Mthatha (Ngqeleni) and Dutywa. Programs offered include Hospitality & Tourism; Information Technology & Agriculture among others

There are plenty of options for those seeking technical or vocational education within the Eastern Cape province of South Africa!


TVET College in the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is known for its vast and beautiful landscapes, but did you know that it is also home to several TVET colleges? These institutions provide high-quality technical and vocational education to students who want to gain practical skills in various industries.

One of the leading TVET colleges in the Northern Cape is the Northern Cape Rural TVET College. This institution has four campuses located across the province, namely De Aar Campus, Kathu Campus, Namaqualand Campus and Upington Campus. The college offers a range of courses such as Engineering Studies, Business Studies and Hospitality.

Another notable TVET college in this province is the Flavius Mareka TVET College with three campuses situated in Kuruman, Mphohadi and Tosa. The college provides training programmes in fields like Information Technology & Computer Science (ITC), Tourism & Hospitality Services (THS) as well as Engineering & Related Design (ERD).


TVET Colleges are essential in providing students with hands-on experience that they can apply directly on their chosen career path. With these two excellent institutions available within reach at different locations around the Northern Cape region – there’s no reason why one cannot pursue their dreams!


TVET College in KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is a province in South Africa that boasts of several TVET colleges. These institutions provide vocational and technical education to students who want to acquire practical skills for the job market.

One of the top TVET colleges in KwaZulu-Natal is Coastal College, with six campuses located in different areas within the province. This institution offers courses such as engineering, business studies, hospitality and tourism, among others.

Majuba TVET College is another notable institution that provides training on a variety of courses such as agriculture, art and design, construction trades, education studies and more. The college has five campuses spread across Newcastle and its surrounding areas.

In addition to these two institutions, there are other reputable TVET colleges in KwaZulu-Natal like Umfolozi TVET College which has four main campuses situated at various locations including Richards Bay, Mandeni and Esikhawini offering courses related to Engineering Studies; Business Studies; Information Technology & Computer Science; Safety In Society & Hospitality Services amongst others.

Students seeking hands-on opportunities should consider attending one of these excellent educational facilities.


TVET College in the Free State

TVET College in the Free State offers a wide range of vocational courses to help students develop practical skills that are in demand within various industries. The college has nine campuses scattered across the province, including Bloemfontein, Kroonstad and Welkom.

One of the unique features of TVET College in the Free State is its focus on renewable energy technologies. Students can enrol for programmes like Electrical Infrastructure Construction, which teaches them how to install solar panels and wind turbines.

Other popular programmes at the college include Hospitality Studies, Engineering Studies and Business Management. These courses provide learners with hands-on experience through internships and work integrated learning opportunities.

The college also has an active student life programme which includes sports clubs, cultural societies and charity organisations. This creates a vibrant campus environment where students can make lifelong friends while developing their academic abilities.

TVET College in the Free State is an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain practical skills that will enable them to succeed in today’s job market. With experienced lecturers and state-of-the-art facilities, this institution provides quality education that equips graduates with relevant skills needed by employers today.


TVET College in Gauteng

Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa, but it packs a punch when it comes to education. The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College system in Gauteng offers various courses that cater to different skill sets for students.

The Ekurhuleni East TVET College has six campuses spread throughout the eastern region of Johannesburg. It offers programmes such as Engineering Studies, Business Studies, Hospitality & Tourism, and Information Technology & Computer Science.

Meanwhile, the Tshwane North TVET College provides nine campuses to choose from across Pretoria. It offers courses ranging from Engineering Sciences to Management Sciences.

Additionally, there’s the Westcol TVET College with over 6 campuses situated west of Gauteng offering various programs like Agriculture and Related Fields; Arts/ Culture And Heritage; Building Construction And Civil Engineering; Business Commerce And Management Studies To name just a few

Lastly yet still impressive is Sedi-laka tvet college which also boasts several learning centres including those found in Benoni CBD , Springs Central business district( CBD) among other places.

These colleges provide opportunities for young people who want practical skills training for their future careers.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a TVET college?

A: A TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) college is an educational institution that offers vocational courses to equip students with practical skills for the job market.

2. Can I study at a TVET college without a matric certificate?

A: Yes, you can still enroll in certain courses at some TVET colleges even if you do not have a matric certificate as long as you meet other requirements such as work experience or passing an aptitude test.

3. Are TVET colleges affordable?

A: Yes, one of the benefits of studying at a TVET college is that they offer more affordable education compared to universities and private colleges. In addition, there are various funding options available for eligible students.

4. Is it possible to find employment after completing studies at a TVET college?

A: Absolutely! The aim of these institutions is to prepare students for employment by providing them with relevant skills that match industry demands.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges provide excellent opportunities for individuals who aspire towards gaining practical skills required in their chosen career paths. With numerous quality institutions across South Africa providing hands-on training programmes, anyone can access education at affordable rates while equipping themselves with valuable knowledge necessary both inside and outside of the workplace setting.

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