Life360 App Not Updating: How to fix the error easily

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Learn Tips for fixing the Life360 App Not Updating location. If life360 not working, check that your phone is online, that location services are enabled, and that you aren’t simultaneously signed into two devices with the same account.

We have now narrowed down the completely different causes of why it occurs and put up this thorough essay on the difficulty after sifting by way of quite a few supplies accessible on the internet.

We have additionally mentioned avoiding energy-saving applications and VPNs and upgrading the app to the newest model.

Life360 is a smartphone app that gives real-time location-related data. It is well-liked amongst those that want to observe their members and their family’s whereabouts, particularly in an accident or different dangerous situation.
Different security options obtainable from Life360 embrace car velocity monitoring and collision detection.

These capabilities want location sharing, nevertheless, if you happen to uncover that your Life360 app isn’t efficiently updating your location, you could resolve the issue as quickly as doable. Proceed to study for options that incessantly work.

Fundamental Troubleshooting Life360 App Not Updating

Why is Life360 failing to update places’ locations?

There are quite a few frequent reasons why Life360 could fail to update your or somebody in your Circle’s location. A few of the causes are as follows:

  • The system’s battery is low, or it has been switched off.
  • The person has turned off location sharing.
  • This system was not granted the required permissions.
  • connectivity issues stop the location from updating precisely.
  • The phone is linked to both a mobile hotspot and a VPN.
  • Several devices are logged into the same account.
  • You have not used the app in over three days.

It is not a lot you can do if the phone has died or the location is not up to date owing to a low signal within the area. Nevertheless, a lot of the different difficulties could also be resolved by adjusting your phone’s settings.

Bear in mind that if you cannot see the location of a Life360 Circle member, the issue is almost certainly on their end. Request that they think about the next different options. In case your Circle members are unable to see your location, attempt the remedies yourself. The next options apply to each iOS and Android smartphone.

Restart Your Laptop

Earlier than going any additional, it is best to think about simply rebooting the system. Turning your cellphone on and off once more will clear up any momentary difficulties that will have been interfering together with your location updates. Along with rebooting, you may attempt signing out after which again into your account.

Guarantee a Steady Connection

To update successfully, Life360 wants a functioning internet connection. First, make sure that the phone isn’t in Airplane mode, which can disconnect all of its connections. The next step is to enable GPS if Airplane mode is not on. If the location is still not updating, make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on.
Leaving your Wi-Fi on improves location accuracy due to all of the local Wi-Fi base stations, according to Life360, even when your mobile isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Life360 additionally wants cell data along with Wi-Fi. Verify that the device you are on the lookout for has information switched on.

It ought to be famous that cell Wi-Fi hotspots and VPNs would possibly create location difficulties. Be certain the individual you are on the lookout for is not using any of those.

Replace the Application

When was the final time you and your loved one’s members were up to date with your Life360 app? Verify your app shops to make sure you all have the newest model. The most recent model could have resolved a problem that was inflicting your app to behave unusually. You may additionally attempt uninstalling and reinstalling Life360 to see if it resolves the placement problem.

Look at Your Account

A Life360 account could only be used on one gadget at a time. Logging in on quite a few gadgets will trigger location updates to fail.

If two members of the family use an identical account by mistake, they need to anticipate location complications.

Verify to ensure you’re signed into the proper account and that nobody else is utilizing it. For those who swap phones, ensure you sign off of your outdated one earlier than using your new one.

iPhone Location Will not be Updating

There are just a few extra fixes that apply to users of the Life360 iOS app. They’re as follows:

Look at Your Location Preferences

Incorrect location settings in your iPhone might sometimes cause problems with location updates. Verify your settings by doing the next:

  • Open the Settings app and scroll right down to “Life360.”
  • On the following display screen, select “Location.”
  • Underneath “Enable Location Entry,” select “At all times.”
  • Be certain “Exact Location” is turned on.
  • You will need to additionally grant the app entry to observe your actions.
  • Return to the Settings menu on your cellphone by touching the arrow within the higher left nook.
  • ¬†search for “Privateness.”
  • Then select “Movement & Health” and activate “Health Monitoring.”
  • Enable the appliance to function within the background.

To ship exact location updates, your Life360 app should be all the time working within the background. In your settings, grant it the next permissions:

  • Go to your Settings and select “Life360.”
  • Activate “Background App Refresh.”
  • Change to Low Power Mode.

You don’t need your Life360 app to close off when your battery % falls under a sure threshold. Disabling Low Energy Mode ensures that it continues to run:

  • Navigate to Settings after which “Battery.”
  • Disable “Low Energy Mode.”
  • Android Not Updating Location

If you’re using the Life360 Android app, make sure your Android settings are correct. Look at the next choices:

Allow Location Sharing

Permitting location sharing is a crucial step in ensuring Life360 and different tracker purposes operate successfully.

  • Navigate to “Apps” in your Android settings.
  • Search for “Life360” within the listing.
  • Select “Permissions” and make sure “Location” is checked.

Offset Battery Optimization

Power optimization applications stop undesirable programs from working in the background and depleting the battery of your phone.

This applies not simply to your phone’s built-in optimizers, but in addition to some other third-party applications which have the ABC different programs. Be certain to incorporate Life360 as an exception in any such app’s settings.

Enable Data Access

As beforehand acknowledged, Life360 wants cell information to correctly replace the placement. To be sure you have given Android permission to access your information, check your Android settings.

Navigate to “Network & Web” in your Settings menu.

Choose “Data Utilization.”

Locate Life360 and confirm that you have given it permission by

Relaunch the App

If you have not used your Life360 app in just a few days, it could have gone into “sleep mode.” Due to this, your Circle mates could not have the ability to see your location. Merely relaunch your app, and it’ll reconnect in a matter of seconds.

Open your app a minimum of each different day to keep away from it going into sleep mode sooner or later.

You also need to reopen Life360 manually each time you turn in your cell phone.

Always maintain an eye out for your family members.

Life360 App Not Updating
life360 not working

As a result of the Life360 app’s major goal is location sharing, exact and quick location updates are essential. For those who’re having to bother getting location updates, attempt the options listed above. If none of those work, it’s possible you’ll contact customer support.

What has your expertise been like with Life360? Have you ever ever had location replacement issues like this? If sure, what was the answer? Inform us about it within the feedback part.

Discover why your Life360 is not updating!

Life360 consists of some extraordinarily good features, equivalent to discovering the shortest solution to your Circle member’s location, which saves you from having to determine which paths to take to get there.

Life360 additionally provides weekly driving reviews, which embrace data equivalent to driving velocity and cellphone use whereas driving, permitting you to have a constructive dialog together with your children about secure driving.

Discussions concerning the Life360 App

How can I stop Life360 App from updating my location automatically?

Life360 will stop updating your location if you turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

Two further options are to enable Airplane Mode or deactivate Life360 as an active app.

You can also prevent Life360 from updating by using a VPN or Cell Hotspot, or by completely turning off your device.

Is it possible for Life360 to read your SMS messages?

Due to connected phones, Life360 can view the SMS that Circle members update.

The app will not track communication with contacts outside the Circle.

Why isn’t Life360 presenting historical data?

If you’re a Circle member, your historical history is simply displayed within the app.

What do Life360’s three flashing dots mean?

When the precise speed of a person’s vehicle is unavailable, Life360 displays three dots next to their name.

Can you tell when someone looks at your Life360 location?

Because the app lacks such a feature, you will not be notified when someone checks your whereabouts.

What do the various colors on Life360 represent?

Every color Circle on the app has a distinct meaning. For instance, a beginner circle enables the identification of a Circle member.

A purple circle appears when the app connects to a tool.

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