Channel Fox Sports on DirecTV: What Channel Is It, Explained

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Fox Sports’ DIRECTV channel number is: Fox Sports 1 is on channel 219 in the cable system, while Fox Sports 2 is on channel 618. You can stream the channel using either the Fox Sports app or DIRECTV Stream.

Continue reading to learn more about which plans include Fox Sports channels and how to watch them online.

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Does DirecTV provide Fox?

The new deal includes FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, Fox Deportes, Fox Soccer Plus, as well as retransmission permission for regional Fox television stations through DirecTV, DirecTV Stream, and U-verse. Major cities, including New York and LA, in 18 markets have the stations.


Most Common Issues

What is included with Fox Sports 1?

Which sports does FS1 cover? FS1 currently has rights deals in place to broadcast collegiate basketball and football games, MLB, NASCAR, elite soccer matches, PBC, and USGA championship competitions.


What does the DIRECTV sports package cost?

The add-on sports package from DIRECTV comes with 30 extra sports channels. Your monthly bill will go up $14 as a result, though.


Does Fox Sports 2 exist?

Due to time constraints, Fox Sports 2 broadcasts content that does not fit on Fox Sports 1. Channel connections are offered by all significant cable providers, usually on more expensive packages.

What DirecTV channel is Fox Sports Southwest on?

Fox Sports Southwest is available on DIRECTV on channel 676-2.

To watch it, this channel must be included in your subscription package.


Is there a regional sports fee for DIRECTV?

The regional sports fee is waived if you don’t watch any RSN channels. By contacting DIRECTV, you can ask to have RSN channels removed from your account.


Has DIRECTV got Fox Sports?

Both Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are television networks that broadcast live and on-demand sporting events.

The channels’ extensive coverage of all sports, which has made them very well-liked, led to their inclusion in DIRECTV’s channel lineup.

Given that Fox Sports 1 airs all major sporting events, all DIRECTV plans include access to it. In contrast, Fox Sports 2 is only available with the Ultimate channel package or higher.

Because DIRECTV’s plans are uniform throughout all regions, no matter where you live, they are the same.

The entry-level Entertainment package, which costs $65 + taxes per month for the first year and $107 per month after that, includes Fox Sports 1.

You must pay $90 + taxes per month for Fox Sports 2 for the first year, and then $100 per month for the Ultimate channel package.

On DIRECTV, what channel number is Fox Sports?

Once you’ve confirmed that your plan includes the Fox Sports channels you require, you’ll need to know what channel they are on.

It can be challenging to switch between Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 due to their distance from one another on channels 219 and 618, respectively.

In your channel guide, add the channels you find to your favorites list so you can quickly access them later.

When you next want to watch one of your favorite channels, check the channel guide to make sure that it is only showing the channels you want to watch.

Between Fox Sports 1 and 2, you can quickly change from there.

If you’re having trouble finding the channel, use the channel guide and scroll through it to find the two channels.

Channel Fox sports On DirecTV

where to watch or stream Fox Sports

Fox Sports has combined both channels into a single streaming service, which you can access by going to the Fox Sports website or by getting the Fox Sports app.

You may need to pay for premium content if you don’t sign in with your DIRECTV account in order to access all of Fox Sports’ free content.

The former is what I advise because it comes with your cable TV connection, and maximizing an expensive plan is always a good idea.

The DIRECTV Stream app has taken the place of the Fox Sports app and provides access to all of the channels included in your DIRECTV subscription, not just Fox Sports.

You can stream the channel live on a mobile device or a smart TV that supports the app in addition to any on-demand content the channel provides with your cable TV box thanks to the service.

The Fox Sports app is superior if you only stream Fox Sports, whereas the DIRECTV app is better if you stream a lot of live channels.

Fox Sports’ Top Programs

Fox Sports on DirecTV

Fox Sports’ outstanding lineup of programming has helped it grow into one of the top sports networks in the country.

The following are a few of Fox Sports’ most watched programs:

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed Fair Game on Fox Fox NASCAR with Kristine Leahy College football on Sunday on Fox

Most of these programs are frequently presented as pregame activities ahead of the game in order to heighten interest in a contest so that you can watch them before the game.

To learn when these programs will air, consult the channel guide.

Alternatives to Fox Sports

In the highly competitive world of sports television, several networks have obtained exclusive TV deals for a variety of sports and leagues.

As a result, Fox Sports always has options for channels that might show sports that Fox Sports doesn’t usually cover.

Fox Sports’ substitutes include:

  • ESPN
  • SportsNet NBC
  • NFL Network
  • Aside from USA TV,
  • MLB Network

The majority of DIRECTV channel packages will include these channels, but you should double-check.


DIRECTV Stream app allows you to watch on-demand content from Fox network channels that are included in your channel package.

Any on-demand content from the Fox network channels included in your channel package is available to stream through the DIRECTV Stream app. This covers every Fox network channel.

There are times when the app has problems, especially when you try to log in but are unable to, but you can fix it by restarting or reinstalling the app and trying again.


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